5 Easy Changes For A Healthier Diet

We all know we should take better care of our diet and health, especially in an age where we can order food and it be delivered within minutes from Michelin star restaurants to gastro pubs, takeaways and fast food outlets, we live in a world where unhealthy options are at our finger tips without even leaving the sofa.

So, what changes can we make that actually take no effort at all, that can be done easily with minimum time or effort and maximum results? We’ve listed 5 easy changes to get you started.

Change Number One

Simply replace the sugar in your tea, coffee and cereal with sweetener, it will taste the same and have a great result in reducing your intake of refined sugar that your body has become used to. Unrefined sugars are good (they hold calcium, magnesium and iron), refined sugars are bad (they are processed)! So, use honey, fruit or molasses instead of white sugar, brown sugar or caster sugar.

Change Number Two

Try and fill your plate in thirds, one third protein (meat or fish), one third good carbohydrate (brown rice, jacket potato, or whole wheat pasta), and the most important third is vegetables (veggies, fruit or salad). This will ensure that you aren’t overloading on carbs or eating too much protein, it balances the plate perfectly.

Change Number Three

Reduce the amount of salt you add to food, this will help with lowering your Cholesterol. Add a little when cooking but leave off the seasoning once served, alternatively use low calorie salt which instantly helps with reducing your intake. Equally you could invest in pink Himalayan rock salt as it is unrefined, reduces cramps, promotes a stable PH balance, plus it also promotes kidney and gallbladder health.

Change Number Four

Replace fried foods with oven baked or grilled foods. This simple trick will start to remove the oils and fats that have collected in your body, they will digest easier and make for a more comfortable post-dining experience.

Change Number Five

Drink more water. Water has amazing health benefits from flushing out toxins to helping the skin rejuvenate and generally detoxifying the body. If you’re not a fan of water neat then add fruit like lemons or limes, or add a sugar free cordial to give flavour. The more water you drink the better.

These changes are all easy to incorporate into your existing routine, and they don’t cost the earth to get started.

Rachel McAlley

Rachel is currently a UK travel writer and beauty writer for House of Coco, she spends most of the week locked away in her country garden studio watching the world whizz by, and most of the weekend whizzing around the UK!

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