5 Easy Tips For Boosting Online Tickets For Your Event

Organizing an event can be challenging, and ticket sales are an essential factor when you want to make a profit, that’s why you need to sell as many as you possibly can. With these simple tips to boost your event ticket sales, the process can be a lot easier.

1.    Partnering Up

Try partnering up with partners such as a local hotel to sponsor a weekend away as part of a lucky draw at the event or if you’re struggling to secure a liquor license, maybe consider partnering with a nearby pub for happy hour before the show starts. Partnering up can help with magnifying your reach and providing attendees with incentives to buy tickets for the event.

2.    Offering Discounts

If you notice that your ticket sales have reached a standstill or a dry patch, using discounts can help ticket sales to peak again. For example:

  • Offering discounts for buying tickets bulk.
  • Offering personal-referral codes to attendees that encourages them to invite friends on social media.
  • Sending out the last minute emails with a somewhat discounted price just before the event.
  • Offering time-limited discounts when you sell event tickets intending to have attendees at the event during a time of day when you need a boost in attendance. Maybe consider offering a ten percent discount for people arriving at noon.

Just make sure that you are keeping track of the amassed discount “spend” so that you are not decreasing your profits.

3.    Re-Approaching Interested Event-Goers

When someone has visited your page and left without buying a ticket, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost the sale. Make sure your ticketing platform can pinpoint site visits relevant to ticket sales (conversion rate). When your page is getting a lot of views, but there aren’t many actual purchases. Try retargeting the page visitors by sending them an email with a discount code when your sales are low or sending out online ads as a reminder of the event. Try retargeting your audience just before the event.

4.    Utilizing Tracking Links

Tracking links are highly useful as they notify you which of the market channels you are using are generating the most sales, giving you an idea where you should spend your money where it is most valuable. Tracking links can also assist you with optimizing the location of your “buy tickets” button on your webpage to convert more site visitors into ticket-buying customers.

5.    Manufacture Scarcity

Scarcity is an excellent tool for helping you overcome relapse in your sales cycle in a few ways. Limited-time discounts can promote a sense of urgency and get people to purchase tickets on the spot. Or you can opt for selling tickets in limited-numbers layers at rising prices, keeping your sale figures positive until the day of the event. Wherever possible, promote the exclusivity of your event, notifying buyers of the limited tickets available for purchase and encourage them to buy tickets before they are all sold out.

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