Successful art galleries should have a mix of mediums: photography, types of paintings (watercolor, oil, and acrylic, for example), digital art, sculptures, and drawings are all beautiful things that attract the eye of potential buyers. It’s also important to feature a blend of different artists. Everyone has their unique style and can add a special flair to an art gallery’s walls.

Galleries such as LePrince Fine Art Gallery make it a point to feature various artists that utilize different mediums and styles to express their art. Keep reading to learn more about some fascinating artists to feature in your gallery.

  1. Marc Anderson Paints Beautiful Landscapes

Hailing from central Wisconsin, Marc worked his way from an amusement park caricature artist to a freelance illustrator until he was independently established. He began Plein Air painting, which means painting landscapes while you’re immersed in the outdoors instead of painting in a studio.

His paintings evoke a sense of serenity and make it easy to imagine yourself in the location. They depict peaceful surroundings that harken back to carefree summer days.

Marc has his studio opened in 2018. He showcases some of his paintings and hosts workshops, and has won awards from Oil Painters of America exhibitions and national juried plein air events.

  1. Stacy Barter Harnesses Light and Atmosphere

Stacy’s oil paintings play with different lighting and bold colors to bring new depths to her artwork. An artist since high school, her technique produces breathtaking portraits that make a statement.

After graduating from college, Stacy trained under Gregg Kreutz, which sealed her obsession with oil painting. She studied under David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw in Taos, New Mexico.

Her work is featured in The Gulf Coast Museum of Art, and it has also been exhibited in juried shows such as the Oil Painters of America National Exhibit.

  1. Curt Butler’s Layered Paintings Bring Color to Life

Curt’s technique of layering colors and textures draws in viewers and produces stunningly vibrant paintings. These paintings immediately draw the eye in, and as you approach, the subject appears rawer and in focus. They are perfect for featuring in a fine arts gallery.

  1. Sculptor Lewis Evans Makes Steel Work for Him

Blacksmith Lewis Evans has always found forging steel fascinating. He considers sculpturing a way to challenge himself and push boundaries. His sculptures must be seen to be believed as they show talent and love for the obscure that is hard to describe on paper.

  1. Scott Henderson’s Photos Depict Beautiful Landscapes

Scott’s photography includes breathtaking beach scenes and natural landscapes. He teaches the art of fine art printing of digital photography and uses light, form, and texture to create photos that almost look like paintings. You’ll practically feel like you could be on the beach yourself.

A Variety of Artists Will Bring in Buyers

Each artist has their own story and unique style that brings fresh material to a Fine Arts Gallery. Make sure to feature different people and mediums for a variety that draws people in.


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