If you live in a city like London, you are probably living in an older home that needs a bit of TLC. You would expect nothing less than a luxury formal dining room in any of the older residences in the city, so if you are in the process of refurbishing your home, here are five features that are an absolute must in any luxury dining room.

  1. Hard Wood Flooring

There is nothing more elegant than wood flooring in any formal dining room. You might like to try antique or reclaimed flooring because it would fit perfectly with the character of a city as old as London. For this, you would probably want to consult with Wood Floor Specialists – London to see exactly what kind of wood would best suit your needs as you undergo refurbishing that formal dining room you so adore.

2. Chandelier or Candelabra

If you have high ceilings, a chandelier would be perfect, but if your ceilings are a bit low, a candelabra for the middle of your dining room table would probably be better. The point is, since candles were traditionally used in older homes, you would need to recreate the effect and either of those options would do well.

3. Wainscoting or Chair Rail

There is a marked difference between wainscoting and chair rail but either or both would be ideal. Wainscoting is meant to line the lower half of the wall, often to help insulate older stone buildings whereas chair rail is wood moulding that is horizontal. If you take the time to view photos of elegant older dining rooms, you will see that they probably all have both wainscoting and chair rail.

4. Elegant Dining Room Table and Chairs

The type of dining room table and chairs you choose are really a personal choice. However, it is vital that you keep with the overall style and era of your home. For this reason, you could choose a solid wood table, quite often made from walnut. Perhaps you might like to go with a glass top table and upholstered chairs. The size is up to you depending on the number of people you will typically seat there at a formal dinner, but it should run lengthwise through the room.

5. Antiqued Sideboard or Buffet

There is one final element of a formal dining room and that would be the addition of an antique sideboard or buffet. This is where you would place foods that are being served at dinner. In between meals, lovely little statues and basins could be placed there for an extra bit of elegance. Stone basins are well suited, so keep that in mind as you are planning your lovely new formal dining room.

From draperies to throw carpets in the room, you will want to add a bit of texture, and this will help you accomplish that. The only thing to remember is that you need to plan everything out well before the actual work begins. In this way, you won’t run into any hang-ups that will delay the finished product.


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