5 fun ways to upgrade your date night for foodies

If you are someone who absolutely loves food, whether trying new cuisines or just indulging in your old-time favourites, then date nights are probably centred around food! [...]

If you are someone who absolutely loves food, whether trying new cuisines or just indulging in your old-time favourites, then date nights are probably centred around food! We’ve been thinking a lot about fun ways to make a foodie’s date night more interesting, and we’ve come up with the list below.

From buying in high-quality meat from tried, tested and trusted online butchers, to trying different and interesting ways of cooking and spicing up your mealtimes, we’ve got you covered with the most delicious advice out there. Check out our tips below!

Buy in high-quality meat from small businesses

Buying in meat from places like Dorset Meat Company means getting high-quality and succulent cuts, perfect for a foodie’s date night. From an impressive list of steak options, including rib-eye steak, onglet steak, and porterhouse steak to goat meat and merguez sausages, your options are pretty much endless.

Buying in from companies that use small batch methods and work alongside their farmers means getting the best quality meat there is while supporting small, local workers and doing your part for the environment.

Buy in fancy wine for a tasting experience

Though not strictly food, you could buy in some nice wine and have tasting evening at home, alongside some indulgent and artisanal snacks of course! Find some nice cheeses, some fancy crackers, and some indulgent hor d’oeuvres to round out the evening.

Try food from around the world

You could focus on one continent or make a three-course meal covering three different cultures and try dishes from different cultures traditions. This is a great way of learning more about other cultures as well as being a tantalising treat for your tastebuds.

Look up recipes from cultures that interest you and try out new ways of cooking as well as new flavour combinations you haven’t tried before.

Try a new baking endeavour

Whether you love baking or you’re terrible at it, trying to bake your own food can be a fun way to spend an evening. You could try baking a large cake or maybe some chocolate eclairs or you could even try your hand at some patisserie baking – whatever you choose, you get to eat the mixture along the way too!

Baking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but baking your own food can be a fun way to create something new and try your hand at a new skill. Why not dust off the old recipe books and try something new!

Try cooking in the great outdoors

Our ancestors would be so completely confused by our ovens and stovetops so why not try going back to the old methods and try cooking outside. You could have a barbecue and indulge in some really good Aberdeen Angus beef burgers, or you could try cooking on an actual fire!

Look up old methods of cooking outdoors and see which options interest you! Obviously, cook outdoors with caution and never light a fire where it is prohibited!


Whether you’re trying a new kind of recipe, buying in a high-quality cut of veal, or cooking in your back garden, there are tons of ways you can make your date-nights more fun and still keep them about food!

As foodies ourselves, we can attest to the tips we have given and let you know that making your date nights all about food is great way to indulge and not feel guilty about it!

Always try new cooking methods safely and remember to purchase your meat from small and local suppliers to get the best quality cuts!

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