Sports fans can be both the easiest and hardest people to shop for. On the one hand, you can always opt for a gift related to the team they follow, but you’ll often find that they already own so much sports memorabilia that it’s difficult to find something new!

These ideas should give you some inspiration.

#1 Stadium frames

Every sports fan has that one special stadium. It could be where they watched their first game, it could be the home of their favorite team or it could be the place where they watched a special sporting moment occur. Whatever the reason, immortalizing that stadium in print makes for a beautiful gift. Framed stadium prints come in all shapes and sizes and some are even 3D. Whatever kind of print you choose, the sports fanatic in your life is bound to thank you.

#2 Tablet computers

Tablets are a sports fan’s best friend. True sporting fanatics don’t just watch the action but they like to tap into stats, communicate with the wider community via social media and even place bets on the outcome. Being tied to a desktop takes a person out of the moment, which is why tablets are so valued. They can be used to keep track of live text and reaction without needing to move from in front of the television.

#3 Ticket stub diary

A diary represents the start of a journey. These gifts are similar to stamp collections or autograph books, only for ticket stubs. With all the will in the world, tickets are easy to lose, and that can be heartbreaking if it was for a big match. Ticket stub diaries give sports fans somewhere to collect, curate and display their ticket stubs forever. They also tell a narrative and let their owners write a story of sporting dedication. Flicking back through memories is a heartwarming experience and gifts don’t come much more personal than this.

#4 Multi-sports table

Soccer, hockey, table tennis and pool are just four of the games that can be played on a tabletop, although buying each separately represents a huge and space consuming investment. Multisports tables are the solution. These ingenious creations feature the base table but with separate attachments that are easy to take on/off. They save on money and space, and they’re a great addition to the home of any sports fan. Many people use these tables as the starting point for a games room, complete with televisions.

#5 Virtual distance football

One for football fans, this device is nonetheless so cool that it will appeal to any sports fan. Outwardly at least it appears to be a standard football, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. The ball contains GPS technology so it’s more than capable of tracking distance. That means that it will measure throws and kicks, a great way for sports fans to test themselves and improve. Far from just a novelty item, the ball encourages people to develop strength and accuracy.


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