There has never been a better time to start a home business, with enabling technology and services advancing greatly in terms of falling prices and accessibility. As the costs of doing business digitally have plummeted, anyone can create their dream startup, whatever the business, even without IT skills and no-to-little outlay.

Young entrepreneurs are driving the next generation of business, building startups that stretch from local pet-walking services to designer boutiques to digital business from which will come the next Google or Amazon as AI-as-a-service as the next big thing. Many aspiring entrepreneurs do not know where or how to start their first business. Coming up with a unique idea can take time, and most aspiring business owners want to start now. Learn more about starting an LLC for an Amazon Dropshipping Business.

All most people need now is some space at home, a laptop or a smartphone, and the Internet. People can work 9-to-5 or around their other careers, overnight or whenever takes your fancy, depending on the nature of the business. The internet is key to success, putting your products or services on a global market, 24/7 and using apps, websites or chatbots to offer customer service, take bookings and boost sales. All of this can be done without any great IT skills.

You don’t even need to have had that bolt of inspiration, there are plenty of lists of great ideas to help get you started, or to think about what niche or market you might want to tackle.

Wedding or Specialist Photographer

Any keen camera user will already have a good eye for the perfect shot, and that can be turned into a business with plenty of opportunity for wedding photography, pet photography or shooting offices and properties for glossy business or real estate brochures.

All you need is a website portfolio to get started, that you can build using template-based web builders or Instagram to show off your best work. Adding a modern twist to these careers, plenty of people are taking to drone photography and video work to shoot sporting events, nature, special events or adding a modern twist to those wedding shoots.

As many photographers are out on location, you might even add a chatbot to the website to handle customer queries, show off what you do and take bookings or inquiries to add that technical edge to your digital presence.

Freelance Writer or Designer

Many pro writers or designers have worked freelance at some point and there are plenty of copywriting, journalism or design opportunities for graduates, current students or hobbyists looking to break into a particular form of content production.

All anyone needs to get started is a blog showing off their work, and getting busy on forums or business discussion groups to get their name known. From building a base of knowledge as a sports reporter for a local team, or commentating on local politics or business issues, you can build your brand and create glossy articles or content to help promote your work.

Success comes through activity, being more involved and engaging the target audience than the competition, all of which can be done by monitoring web activity and analytics, being active on social media to push your content and knowledge or design skills.

Cakemaker or Artisan

The rise of artisan coffees, cakes, breads, beers, celebration comestibles and many other forms of comfort food create a market that anyone can enter, and you don’t need a coffee shop or other premises to sell from. Instead, these eateries and other venues are snapping up local produce and selling them to a fast-growing pool of customers, or you can sell to friends and growing local customer base direct.

Home-based catering can produce breads, exotic spreads or cakes for parties, cater to locations like hotels, business function centers, regular party hosts and other events. The only cost is the produce, with a website and active social media an easy way to promote the business and show off your finest efforts.

Dropshippers for Digital Stores

The rise of the digital stores like Shopify, eBay and others has seen trading businesses flourish without the need for stock or a costly warehouse. Amazon built its model around selling other people’s products, but Shopify has taken this to new heights.

They allow anyone to sell products that they don’t have in stock, using third-parties to fulfill the business transaction, while taking a part of the sale price for their efforts. If you can find a niche market or some new nic-nack or gizmo that could be the next big Fidget spinner, you can sell them using local or mass producers as far away as China to a growing audience, helping to build a retailer brand without the overheads, and making a profit on every sale.

From retro clothing to gadgets and merchandising, there are plenty of ways to build a successful dropshipping business, but competition can get intense and relying on suppliers makes it a business for the brave and bold. That doesn’t mean it’s an impossible feat though, and there are companies out there like this professional Shopify SEO company who are ready and waiting to help store owners get their name out there so that customers choose them over their competitors. 

App Developer and Digital Services Provider

Massive technology brands have been built selling services from the likes of Microsoft, HP, Amazon Web Services and Lenovo as well as thousands of other digital business industries. This type of business can scale down to the local level, providing other startups or local businesses with useful apps, websites and digital services with the required levels of protection and backup any growing company requires.

Anyone with the technical skills can build apps or sites for their customers, set up and manage social media or blogs, and provide a host of cloud services, for storage, human resources, salary, office, and other functions.

Starting with a few small partners and clients, these businesses are easy to scale while working from home and the move to the cloud means no need for costly servers while local partners can provide notebooks, smartphones, and tablets along with office WiFi or networking.

In a world where people may find it harder to break into careers or established businesses that will focus on the candidates with the best degrees or experience, going solo is a great way to get your name on the map and build a business using technology to keep costs to a minimum.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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