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5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Surveillance Security System in Your Home

5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Surveillance Security System in Your Home

Security is never a subject to be taken lightly.

September 20th, 2019

Security is never a subject to be taken lightly. One of the ways you can take advantage of all the new smart appliances entering the market is by installing a smart home surveillance security system in your home. "The addition of wifi to an existing Ottawa security system has made them more controllable and more secure than ever." They integrate smoothly into your existing smart setup or operate as a standalone system using your home’s wifi.Smart security systems let all the different devices like cameras, motion sensors, and even smoke detectors talk to one another so you can see everything is safe and sound just by glancing at your phone.


One of the biggest reasons to get a home surveillance security system, if you and your own family’s safety wasn’t compelling enough, is the potential deduction on insurance premiums you can receive. While each insurance company is different, you can expect to see a 10%-15% reduction in premiums by updating your security system. Even if you don’t go with a fully monitored system, some of the new smart systems can emulate the 24-hour monitoring services by putting the power in your pocket.

However, most companies require some form of professional monitoring in order to receive big discounts. Depending on the property and what you’re trying to protect these discounts can pay for the monitoring service, but for the average homeowner, the cost of the monitoring service won’t be covered by the insurance discount.


For those of you who are installing a security system for the old-fashioned reason, safety, there are more choices today than ever before. The big security companies like ADT and Brinks are all still around, and they still require a professional technician to install and monitor. The new smart home security surveillance systems offered by companies like Nest, SmartLink, and Scout are definitely more on the DIY side.

While some ride the middle ground and allow professional or self-installation and monitoring, you’ll still have to pay for professional monitoring to reap the big insurance benefits. Regardless, even without your own personal eye in the sky, some of the DIY systems that include cameras, motion sensors, and air monitoring systems can provide just as much flexibility and options. Most of the new smart companies offer piecemeal systems that allow you to build comprehensive security systems custom for your home and security needs.

Package Theft

Unfortunately, this relatively minor offense can amount to some major losses if a brave package thief is repeatedly striking your home. Just last year over 11 million homeowners reported some instances of package theft. Doorbell cameras can be immensely valuable when trying to pinpoint who and when these package thefts are taking place.

Something as simple as motion-sensitive lights are a real deterrent to petty thieves looking for easy grabs. Ring and Nest are two of the more popular options, but there’s no shortage of different cameras and setups. Some even have lights and audio, allowing you to speak to visitors at the door, so you look like you’re home even if you’re a thousand miles away.


The threat of fire and carbon monoxide is probably not going away anytime soon. there’s no shortage of potential fire risks and the deadly gas can come suddenly from out of nowhere if a particular appliance breaks down. Classic fire detectors are great for alerting people inside the house, and you should install one on every floor of your home and outside of any bedrooms. Smart smoke detectors, however, can immediately alert authorities to the fire.

Have you ever had a bad feeling looming and just wish you could check on the house briefly? It’s very feasible with today’s systems to do just that. Smart smoke detectors can not only alert authorities about fire and carbon monoxide, but they send you an alert as well. This is the perfect piece of mind for someone who travels often. No more of that ‘what if?’ question in your head all the time.


Security systems don’t have to be all doom and gloom. Beyond the safety and comfort they can provide, doorbell cameras can catch your friends and neighbors in some of their more candid moments. Curious as to what was making that weird noise at 3 AM? A doorbell camera might just catch the furry culprits.

In all seriousness, the security of yourself and your family is no laughing matter, but we now live in a time where these amazing electronics are accessible to consumers who aren’t able or don’t want to invest thousands of dollars into their homes. Renters are better able to take advantage of some of the piecemeal kits as well since they aren’t installed on a permanent basis like the big Brinks and ADT systems. Do a little research online, plan out what you need and what fits your budget, and you can get a system that makes you feel safe without breaking the bank.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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