Our body has been blessed with numerous facilities, and vision is one of them. Ignoring care of your eyes can lead to serious eye problems, which can risk your vision.

To prevent eye problems, you can practice some essential eye care habits. These habits are easy to adapt to, but many people tend to ignore them daily.

If you want to keep your vision sharp, here are the five most important tips you should make part of your daily life.

Eat Healthily

Eating a balanced diet has many benefits besides keeping your weight healthy. It lowers the risk of getting obesity and type 2 diabetes as it is one of the main reasons for blindness in adults.

Taking care of your eyes’ health starts with nutritious meals on your plate. You should add nutrients like vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin E. Knowing the sources of these nutrients is important so you can properly add them to your meal.

You can make your balanced diet by adding portions of eating green leafy vegetables, tuna, salmon, eggs, and citrus fruits.

Wear Sunglasses

With healthy food, you will be able to improve your vision from the inside and improve your eye health. But there are chances that the outer environment can also damage your vision. How could it be possible?

A daily base exposure to the sun without eye protection is dangerous to your eyes. An excessive amount of UV rays in your eyes can increase the risk of age-related muscular degeneration and cornea sunburn.

Instead of making your sunglasses a fashion statement, you should get one for eye protection. For effective results, you can choose a pair from Oakley to block 100% UVA and UVB rays.

Minimize Screen Time

Nowadays, with technology and the computer revolution, most of our jobs revolve around working in front of a computer from 9 to 5. Looking at the screen for longer can cause many eye problems, including eyestrain, dry eyes, blurry vision, and migraine.

Before starting working on the screen, you should sleep properly, and in case of any glare from the window or light, immediately go for an eye examination.

Get Quality Products for Eyes

If you wear makeup or sunglasses more often, you should choose the right brand that suits you. If your sunglasses have dark lenses that curve or distort, you might need to change them. The same goes for contact lenses, as not all of the lenses provide UV protection to your eyes.

Poor-quality glasses and makeup are much more harmful to your eyes than ever imagined. To prevent eye problems, you can consider buying a quality pair of sunglasses and anti-glare glasses from Vision Direct with certification.

Visit Your Eye Doctor

No one suggests that you need to visit a doctor only in case of illness. For eyes, everyone needs to see a doctor as it will identify eye problems in time and help you to get a cure.

Visiting a doctor is also beneficial, as a few eye diseases, like glaucoma, come with no visual symptoms. So, spotting them as soon as possible is better when they can be treated easily and at less cost.


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