#CocoLifestyle – The most romantic day of the year is coming around. Why not spice it up with something fun and different that you’ve never tried before rather than the cliché dinner date at a fancy restaurant. Your partner is bound to be impressed with one of these date ideas.

Cosy cabin in the woods Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

For one day move away from the city life and escape to the forest in the middle of nowhere. The Golden Oak Cabin screams romance. Relax and enjoy the lovely views of nature in a hot tub by the wooden fire stove.

Luxury chocolate making workshop, London

Not only does this include the scrumptious taste of chocolate, but cocktail making too! A chocolate martini cocktail sounds like heaven. This workshop gives you a chance to try different flavoured chocolates from around the world, decorate truffles and create your own home made fudge. All chocolate you make is yours to keep. Delicious.

Hire out a public cinema

Snuggled up together with pillows, blankets and popcorn not having to worry about who’s around. It sounds so peaceful. Everyman cinema offers your very own private screening. Whether it’s 50 Shades Freed or Valentines Day: Love story to fit the mood, there’s plenty of films to choose from. You could even hire it out for a movie marathon.

Indoor sky diving, Manchester

A fun activity with your partner that will have you in stitches of laughter –  if you’re able to laugh up there! Don’t worry you don’t have to fly solo, everything is safe and you get a training session in advance. Hold on to your loved ones hand for life if this gives you the frights.

A romantic hot air balloon ride

Make memories with your loved one by travelling over the amazing views of your chosen location in a hot air balloon. This is a once in a life time opportunity and a valentine’s day you certainly won’t forget. Picture yourself in the skies sipping on champagne, taking in the views as the sun sets. Bliss






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