5 of the Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel 

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Solo travel for female adventures is on the rise. More women than ever before are packing their bags and heading off on their travels around the world, with only their guidebook for company. In fact, The Solo Female Traveler Network on Facebook has over 331,000 fans and 69% of them are women. If you need evidence, there it is! 

Of course, Europe is the best place to start for any female solo traveller, not only because it’s generally a safe region of the world, but there are also over 50+ countries to explore, all with very different cultures. 

There are many benefits to solo travel, and it is such a rewarding way to travel. And most importantly, because when you’re travelling alone, you must make an effort to talk to other people. But as we all know that is often where the stories begin, and the friendships evolve. 

Here at House of Coco we are inspired daily by the wonderful personal accounts of solo travel, by the likes of My Life’s A Movie, Teacake Travels and Wandering Quinn amongst others, who all show their readers how important solo travel is for your personal development, but also to gain confidence, explore and chase freedom. 

Top 5 Destinations for Solo Female Travellers

Lisbon, Portugal

One of my favourite cities in Europe, Lisbon boasts a safe and friendly environment for solo female travellers from all over the world. The city is fun, unique and offers travellers the opportunity to experience a historic city, born in to a new modern age. Lisbon used to be a well-kept secret in Europe, but not anymore with millions flocking here every year! The glittering capital of Portugal is now brimming with tourists and expats and the perfect city for a solo female adventure. 

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Canggu, Bali

Possibly the best place in the world for being a digital nomad, but also it’s great for solo female travel. As a woman who has travelled Bali alone over the years, and met many others doing the same, I can say with experience, Bali is safe and a wonderful destination if you want an island-based adventure. With the right preparation, travelling alone to Indonesia can open a totally different window to insightful experiences you may otherwise miss. In Bali you can watch the Sunset from Echo Beach, go to Yoga classes, visit famous Finns, rent a scooter and visit the stunning temples.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Another city that should be on your bucket list, is the world-famous Amsterdam. With it’s beautiful architecture, Tulip lined houses and canals in every direction, Amsterdam is stunning and well worth a weekend solo adventure. The centre of Amsterdam is a UNESCO World Heritage site (dating from the seventeenth century) and the relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals make it a great place to unwind. Its Museum District houses the Van Gogh Museum, works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, and modern art at the Stedelijk.

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​Tokyo, Japan

If you are looking for clean, safe, and well-organised then Japan has got your name on it. There are so many places that you can go to soak up the culture of the area, and of course, the food is the best bit and you can eat your way through Tokyo one day at a time. It may be a 10-hour flight away but it’s well worth the journey. You will likely run into some language barriers here but have the Google Translate app to hand and learn some key phrases beforehand. Japan is known for being a friendly place, so it’s perfect for solo female travel.

Berlin, Germany

Germany is so rich in history that you’ll be hard pushed not to go somewhere with a lot of backstories. And this makes it one of the best places in Europe for solo travel. Germany is a very friendly city, and you will be able to communicate in English, and learn some simple phrases to say thank you, please and order some food etc. Navigation around Berlin is also relatively easy on public transport, and the culture is pretty diverse, with an array of co-working spaces around the city, if the digital nomad life chose you. 

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