Taking a train journey is one of the best ways to travel! No airport stress, no queueing for check-in, just a comfortable chair and time to unwind with a good book or a listen to your favourite Spotify playlist. Not only are train journeys relaxing, they’re also a much more environmentally friendly way to travel long-haul. Chat amongst your fellow passengers, drift in and out of sleep as you race through different terrains and simply just enjoy your surroundings. There’s something quite romantic about train travel, the old-fashioned vintage vibes and nostalgia creeping in.

Intrigued about train travel? Want to book an epic journey you won’t forget? Here are the 5 best train journeys across the world that need to be added to your travel bucket-list, like, now:

The West Highland Line in Scotland

Hop aboard Potterheads, this train journey will transport you right from platform 3/4 to Hogwarts. Well, we can dream. The West Highland Line (yep, the Harry Potter one) actually connects two coastal towns; Oban and Mallaig to Glasgow and is one of the most beautiful train journeys in the UK. Enjoy breath-taking views of the mountains, lochs and rolling hills. You may even have the chance to ride in a steam engine on this route, for extra authenticity and magical feels. How about a trip to Scotland this autumn?

The Orient Express from Paris to Venice

Could it get more glamorous than Paris to Venice? We think non! After a long weekend in the chicest European capital city, race through the French countryside, through the Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites until you wind up in Venice. It’s a fantastic way to capture the beauty of the European countryside, and from one of the most iconic trains in the world. Think elegance and luxury, this is one train journey you won’t want to end. The beautifully restored cars are a travel dream, as are the impressive dining options including a lavish afternoon tea and a four-course dinner prepared by French chefs. Bon appetite!

The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada

Canada offers endless beautiful scenery and can feel a little overwhelming given how vast the country is! One of the best ways to soak up the Canadian landscape is to travel by train. The Rocky Mountaineer is a glass-domed luxury train that provides an unforgettable experience and sights that are otherwise unaccessible. Offering three different routes all departing from Vancouver, you can select the best loop that suits you. The most popular is the classic passage to the west, with a departure in Vancouver heading all the way through to Banff. With all routes boasting such magnificent landscapes, this really is the best way to experience the famous rockies.

The Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia

The Trans-Siberian railway is the longest in the world! It’s hardly surprising given the size of its home country, Russia. With some of the routes lasting up to 7 days and taking you all the way to China, you’ll need to be in this one for the long haul. The renowned Moscow to Vladivostok (this city was actually closed off to visitors until 1990!) route offers glorious lakeside, mountain and forest views that allow you to soak up this naturally beautiful side of Russia. You’ll encounter 16 major rivers and part of the train journey even goes underground. Looking for an adventure? This is a great option for your next big rail escape.

(image: golden eagle luxury trains)

The Bergen Line in Norway

Hailed as one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, this railway line spans over 370km and a total ride time of 7 hours – you’ll need to be well equipped with your Netflix downloads and snacks – or perhaps like us you’ll just want to gaze out of the window all day. Taking you from Bergen to Oslo, you’ll race through the countryside with many incredible views to soak up along the way. Sleeper carriages are available, but why would you want to sleep when there is so much to see? Sit back and enjoy some of Europe’s best scenery, from rolling green hills to snow sprinkled terrain mountains in the colder months.

(image: Fjord Travel)

Where will your next adventure take you? Would you ever consider travelling on one of these epic train journeys? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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