You want to be able to enjoy familiar surroundings with as much comfort and ease as possible which is why it makes sense to look at ways of adapting your home or adding furniture that fulfills those needs.

A good starting point would be to search out the best adjustable beds for the elderly to see what is available, and there are some other furniture options that are well worth considering too.

Helping you sleep better

An adjustable bed does what it says on the tin and provides you with the ability to lower and raise your bed with ease so that you can get in and out without difficulty and find the optimum sleeping angle to suit your requirements.

It is also worth pointing out that because you can adjust the bed it has the ability to enhance the level of oxygen you get and improve blood flow at the same time.

In terms of pain relief, health benefits, and comfort, an adjustable bed has to be high on your furniture wish list if you have certain health issues, disabilities, or struggle with a conventional bed due to your age.

Make bathing easier

Getting in or out of a bath can be an almost impossible challenge if you have physical restrictions to contend with and that is why a walk-in option is worth considering.

A lot of injuries at home occur in the bathroom and you can reduce that risk with a walk-in shower or bath.

When you struggle to bend

A common theme, if you are elderly or disabled, is how difficult it can be to bend, which is why your home needs to be adapted to cope with those challenges.

For example, fitting a raised toilet seat in the bathroom will be a very useful addition to your home if you are struggling to bend or support yourself when carrying out regular chores and daily routines.

Think about a recliner

The living room is another part of your home that will need an overhaul if you have physical limitations to contend with.

Look for a recliner that adjusts and lifts you to what is close to a standing position.

This type of living room furniture would be great for someone with mobility issues.

Reduce slipping hazards

Another important set of items for your list should be anti-slip mats.

Trips and falls are all too commonplace in households where the residents are elderly or suffer from a disability and that is why a safety assessment should be carried out where you can work out what sort of protective measures are required.

Anti-slip mats in the bathroom are essential, as are similar measures in rooms where rugs and loose carpets could easily create a clipping hazard.

You will want to stay in your home for as long as possible in your senior years and if you have a disability it is also perfectly possible to invest in furniture items that allow you to enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.


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