5 Places to Explore With Your Lover

Being in love is undoubtedly a superb place to be. Travelling to destinations with the person you love can be a life-changing experience and there are some cities in the world that are established as romantic getaways, below is a list of some of my favourites:


The land of whites and blues; the stark beauty of this Greek island appeals to one and all as an ultimate place to go and relax in the company of your beloved. Looking out at sunsets over the sea, wandering through the maze of white buildings with blue domes and enjoying a quiet romantic dinner overlooking the sea at one of the cliff-side restaurants are just some of the things for lovers to do whilst in Santorini.


Officially the most romantic city in the world, this is a haven for lovers to explore together and build memories of a lifetime. The Seine River calls out for a romantic cruise to lovers. A dinner atop the lit-up Eiffel Tower over delicious French delicacies and glasses of wine accompanied by a fine cheese board is an experience that must be had. You may also opt for wine tasting tours at Le Close Montmarte, followed by a walk down the iconic Champs Elysees.


The renaissance charm of the historic buildings, the horse carriage rides and cruises on the Tiber are must dos in this eternal city. Not only does Rome offer stunning architecture, but it is also home to some beautiful villas and accommodation for you to stay in. From romantic evenings spent in one of the hundreds of piazzas, to sharing a gelato strolling through the streets, you are sure to make many glorious memories during your time in Rome.


Feel the love as you soak up the ocean vibes at countless beautiful spots throughout the island. The sunsets here are fabulous and beyond words, they can be cherished spent sharing exotic seafood and delicious cocktails. Halekala National Park is a must visit for couples, as is an evening cruise or, for the more adventurous couple, a scuba diving trip to explore what the ocean has to offer.

St. Petersburg

Choose your activities in keeping with inclinations of your beloved. From yoga classes together, to enjoying freshly brewed drafts at local breweries, there are a variety of activities to explore while at St. Petersburg, as well as a number of fantastic tours on offer. A relaxed stroll with your beau through Saturday Morning Market picking up jewellery, flowers or small mementoes is a great thing to do, as well as a romantic dinner for two at one of the many eateries.


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