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5 Pre-Eminent Advantages Of Remedial Massage

5 Pre-Eminent Advantages Of Remedial Massage

There are several advantages linked to remedial massage treatment apart from just making you feel pleasant and more tranquil.


There are several advantages linked to remedial massage treatment apart from just making you feel pleasant and more tranquil. Are you aware that anecdotal evidence and research suggests that massage can have encouraging effects on not only your bodily health but also your emotional and mental welfare? We have listed five pre-eminent advantages of remedial massage below that may surprise you and is worth looking at.

1.It Diminishes Stress

Remedial massage can lower emotional and physical pressure as it affects the neurohormones, which are regulating emotions and behavior. It can elevate endorphins, the hormones in your body, which makes you feel good and lower cortisol levels, a hormone that your body releases when you’re feeling stressed or has pain. As a result, you’ll be experiencing mood-enhancing advantages such as improved concentration and sleep patterns, a boost in energy levels as well as a reduction in anxiety and depression.

2.Improving Immunity

Remedial massage is an excellent way of

  • Arousing natural killer cells (fighting off invading cells)
  • Boosting lymphocytes (white blood cells which help to defend the body from disease)
  • Boosting lymphatic drainage (assisting in the body’s detoxification to improve regular health maintenance)
  • Reducing cytokines levels (molecules that affects inflammation in the body)

All the factors mentioned above are furthering the effectiveness of your body’s immune system and assist with fighting off disease.

3.Correcting Postural Problems

Many individuals are engaging in activities like sitting behind a desk during a large portion of the day. This can lead to postural stress that is prone to manifest in the lower back, shoulders, and neck area. By monitoring and evaluating individual patients, remedial massage Brisbane therapists can implement a customized treatment strategy that addresses postural problems. By using techniques that stretch and lengthen muscles and relieves tension, massage therapists can assist with realigning and balancing your body while advancing your posture and counteracting the adverse effects of sitting for prolonged periods.

4.Furthering Flexibility And Joint Mobility

Many individuals suffer from physical disabilities, and chronic and acute conditions like shoulder and back pain, cerebral palsy, sciatica, arthritis, and common muscle overuse stiffness problems, lowered flexibility and movement difficulty as well as the discomfort can benefit from remedial massage therapy. The diminished range of movement is often a result of muscle tension around the joints. Massage therapists can implement several remedial mobilizations and stretching techniques to advance circulation, ease stress and loosen muscles. Not only can it assist with pain reduction and stiffness but also improve stability, flexibility, joint strength, and mobility.

5.Improving Concentration And Sleeping Patterns

The quantity and eminence of your sleep are essential for health performance. However, most people are not getting sufficient sleep and suffer from sleep problems like insomnia, which can have destructive effects on your mental and physical health.

Other problems may include:

  • Issues with decision-making and concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Impaired reaction times
  • Irritability

By relaxing your body, you can:

  • Advance circulation
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Lower muscle tension

Remedial massage therapy can naturally and efficiently increase mental alertness and clarity as well as promote a good night’s rest.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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