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5 Problems You May Run Into if You’re Planning on Buying an Older House

5 Problems You May Run Into if You’re Planning on Buying an Older House

Purchasing older homes has been on the rise partly due to the increase of the house-flipping industry.

March 12th, 2020

Purchasing older homes has been on the rise partly due to the increase of the house-flipping industry. Some buyers choose to purchase an older home because they get a great price or like the thought of making something their own. Regardless of the reason, the potential homeowner should consider some of the problems they can encounter when purchasing a substantial age home. Below are five problems you may run into when buying an older home.

Pest Problems

Older homes may have been sitting vacant, but pests have made the property their home. Some of the most common forms of pests are mice and termites. Termites can utterly destroy almost all material that the home’s structure is made of, including wood and drywall. Mice can also be a huge nuisance. They can be very destructive by chewing through the house’s electrical system and settling in hard-to-reach areas like the inside of walls. If any of these problems are encountered, the new owner will need pest control immediately to prevent any additional damage.

Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew can cause catastrophic damage. Mold and mildew are the results of moisture from things such as leaky pipes or other sources of water. Because of the pipes’ location, the mold or mildew can often be hidden and not noted before a purchase. This type of problem is not only costly but can make a person ill. It is imperative that spaces where mold and mildew can hide be specifically inspected before a purchase. Many times, small amounts of mold can be treated with sprays and sponges bought at the local store. However, specialists may have to be utilized for more severe cases to conduct whole-home mold removal.


Plumbing problems in older homes can cause many complications. Plumbing systems in older homes are mostly run with copper piping. This type of material tends to corrode and disintegrate over time. These events cause the plumbing to have holes that result in costly leaks. As we have already discussed, leaks cause mold and mildew, creating an additional problem. Detecting plumbing issues before any serious problems arise will save the owner time and money. Call a professional leak detection company from Doral for this type of serious plumbing issue.


If an aged home is being considered, the potential owners should check the condition of the roof. Old shingles and ventilation systems can cause major problems. If the roof is bad, it can cause leaks, pest control problems, electrical issues, and the list can go on. New roofs are often a negotiation tactic for purchasing any pre-owned home, especially for older homes that owners are motivated to sell quickly. Home insurance may cover the cost of roof replacement if the damage was caused by storms, which is beneficial to both the seller and buyer.

Electrical Issues

The electric system in an older house can cause a lot of stress for a new owner. There are two main types of electrical issues: safety and accessibility. In the years past, when this type of home was built, there was no real need for an abundance of electrical outlets. Most rooms may have only one or two outlets per room, which can be inconvenient for new owners who need two outlets for the entertainment system alone. An unsafe system could cause potential harm to the home and, in extreme instances, to the residents. Understanding the condition of the electrical system is paramount before deciding to purchase.

Purchasing an older home can be a great experience, but it can also be a lot of work. As long as the above-mentioned five things are considered beforehand, it is sure to be a wise investment.



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