Have you heard the bow wow buzz going around? Dogs and pet owners are raving about a new feeding technology – one that provides dogs with plenty of reasons to bark with happiness.

If you have an older pet or a dog that tends to dispense its food over the floor, you’ll need to find out more about the elevated dog bowl. Not only does this bowl serve the needs of geriatric canines, it allows dog owners to keep their pet’s feeding area cleaner.

To learn more about the benefits of single elevated dog bowls, you’ll need to review its benefits. Knowing this information will give you the confidence needed to make a switch to a better dog feeding system.

What is an Elevated Dog Bowl?

Before sharing the benefits of an elevated dog bowl, you’ll need to know more about the bowl’s features. As the name suggests, an elevated dog bowl sits, elevated, above the ground. Its heavier weight and design keep it in place during meal time. It’s available in different sizes to accommodate the feeding needs of small to large pets.

Why You Should Buy a Dog Bowl that Sits Above the Ground

Buy an elevated dog bowl to ensure your pet’s comfort and health and to make clean-ups faster and more efficient. See why your choice in a dog bowl can make all the difference in the comfort and happiness of your pet.

1. Improve Your Dog’s Overall Physical Comfort and Health

As dogs get older, they need some assistance. After all, they reach old age fairly fast. Therefore, to enhance their quality of life, it’s important to use a feeding bowl that improves their posture and makes it easier for them to eat.

A dog that bends close to the ground can develop spinal problems or a bad back. Therefore, using an elevated dog bowl especially helps dogs who suffer from joint discomfort or arthritis. The closer the dog is to its food, the easier it is for him to receive nourishment and also enjoy better intestinal health.

2. Elevated Bowls Add to Your Home’s Decor

You can choose elevated bowls in a variety of lovely shapes and designs. While some bowls convey a more contemporary look, other bowls display a more traditional style. In fact, some of the bowls don’t look like bowls at all but resemble interesting knick-knacks.

3. Elevated Dog Bowls Keep Your Home Tidy and Neat

If your dog’s food or water is closer to the floor, your dog is more likely to make a mess. Therefore, food or water is more likely to end up scattered or spilled on the floor. Dogs create fewer messes when their bowls are higher.

4. Elevated Dog Bowls Make Feeding Much Simpler

An elevated dog bowl allows you to feed your dog with more ease. If you are older and have problems with arthritis or back pain, you won’t have to stoop or strain yourself when adding food or water to the bowl.

5. An Elevated Dog Bowl Improves Your Dog’s Behavior

Some dogs like to break free from eating and use their bowl as a toy. For instance, they’ll carry their water bowl around and sprinkle, or, in some cases, drench the floor or furnishings with water. An elevated dog bowl prevents this from happening. In turn, your dog will be better behaved.

Add an Elevated Dog Bowl to Your Shopping Cart Today

Now is the time to make the switch to a dog bowl that sits higher off the ground. Making the purchase will make it more comfortable for your dog to eat and keep everything more orderly.


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