5 Reasons Why People Choose to Work in a Garden Room

Over the last three years, the UK has seen a boom in the sale of purpose-built garden rooms. In fact, some suppliers have enjoyed increases in sales of up to 40%.

But why are so many people turning to garden rooms as a space to work in? We can think of many reasons, but here’s our run-down of just five of the benefits of working in this way:

1. You’re likely to save some money each month

If you reduce(or completely eliminate)your daily commute; which may have previously been through taking the bus, train or car, it means that not only are you saving on the cost of transport, but you’re also no longer as near to the shops and restaurants – where you could be tempted into some extra spending at lunchtimes!

2. Productivity levels can go up

Compared to working in a traditional office setting or a more modern co-working space, working in a garden room grants you far more peace and quiet, as well as additional privacy.  This can help your space become almost a bit of ‘sanctuary’ for conducting your business; particularly useful if you need to concentrate constantly on the task in hand.

On top of this, situating yourself in a garden room which includes windows (of a reasonable size!) may afford you the chance to enjoy some views of the surrounding nature – whether it’s plants and flowers, trees, birds or squirrels. This kind of environment can help keep potentially high levels of stress at bay.

3. You can use the space for more than just an office
We don’t work 24 hours a day, and as such, there will be times when the garden room can be comfortably used for other purposes by the household. Perhaps a small cinema room, a place to get lost in a good book, somewhere for children to play… it could even become a makeshift bar space if you’re holding a party in the summer!

4.The value of your property might increase if you add a garden room

If you’re looking to move to a new house eventually and you have the money to invest in the meantime, it may be worth adding a garden room to your property.

Firstly, they don’t require any planning permission (as long as they remain within a certain size and height). Secondly, some experts have previously estimated that this kind of feature can push up the value of your property by as much as 5%-7% (depending on where in the country you live).

5. It can bring more balance to your home and work life

With the need to commute to and from work now removed, you’re not only saving countless amounts of time and money every day, but you’re probably going to be able to put that new-found time to good use.

You now have the time to put the washing on or do a bit of prep for dinner, spend more time with the kids, take the dog for a quick walk, or finish that housekeeping admin that’s been hanging over you! The flexibility that working from home can bring cannot be underestimated. You certainly won’t be bound by the typical ‘9 to 5’ working pattern anymore.

In a nutshell, we can see just from the five reasons above that there are some big benefits to be gained through working in this way. And whilst buying an addition like this for your home doesn’t come cheaply, it may be worth considering if you are hoping to work from home in future and are also hoping to add some potential extra value to your property.

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