When you are traveling, most of the time you don’t think about packing a flashlight. However, this is one of the gadgets that you do not want to leave behind. There are many reasons you should pack a flashlight when traveling.

5 Reasons You Should Pack a Flashlight When Traveling

A flashlight is a portable and mobile source of light. Just like those essential items for any of your travels, a high-quality flashlight should never miss on that list. Here are 5 important reasons to always have a flashlight in your travels.

For Self-defence

If used effectively, a flashlight can be a perfect tool for personal defence and safety. LED Light Ideas recommends using a high-quality LED flashlight with the power to temporarily blind an attacker due to its enhanced light for night vision. When planning for any kind of travel be it a hike, summer vacation, or road trip, you can’t tell what will befall you.

In case you are attacked, here’s how a flashlight will be of help. Since most flashlights are too bright, flashing them directly into an attacker’s eyes affects their vision. This will give you enough time to escape, subdue them, or get help. Additionally, attackers do not usually attack people who have flashlights.


During night travels, a flashlight sometimes becomes your only source of illumination. At times, not all parking lots or roads are well lit. Without an extra source of light, finding your car might be a misery. At the same time, walking back to where you parked in the dark is also a challenge.

You may have not planned to stay out of your hotel room until it’s late but then you find yourself stuck in an unfamiliar place in the dark after an evening walk. Having a flashlight will keep you from tripping or falling. You will also be able to trace your way back to your hotel room or car safely.

Emergency Backup Power During Blackouts

Before you travel, you must be prepared for any kind of emergency. Power blackouts are one of the things you are likely not to consider, yet it often happens in several parts of the world. Power may go out while you are in your hotel room, car, or in a dimly lighted trail.You shouldn’t let this stop you from traveling.

A flashlight will be the best backup tool for such a situation. An LED flashlight is reliable due to its ability to last longer thanks to long-lasting batteries and energy-saving bulbs. To safely move from one location to another during a power outage, you will require one.

First Aid Necessity

Apart from the medical supplies, a well-stocked first aid kit needs to have a flashlight. The simple reason is you never know when a medical emergency requiring first aid will arise. If it happens in the dark in the course of your journey, you will need a flashlight to help you see the medical supplies and how you can use them.

Checking for Bed Bugs in Hotels

All hotel rooms and places where you can rest during a journey always look clean. What you do not know is what you cannot see. Bugs are sometimes present in accommodations that are on the road. For example, sometimes you can find bedbugs, roaches, or rats in a hotel room along a road.

All these creatures do not like light. You can make sure you get rid of any by pointing your flashlight in dark areas of your room. This may mean pulling your bedsheets back and lifting the mattress. It may also mean shining the light on the corners and any dark areas of your room. The light will scare off any bugs and rodents that may have snuck into your room.


Whether they use it for safety, personal defence, or to check for bed bugs on hotel rooms, experienced travellers should always have at least one flashlight packed in their suitcases. Use these tips to stay safe while traveling and focus only on enjoying your trip.


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