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5 Short Styles You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

Warm weather means that we get to put away our chunky knitwear and puffy coats, swap them for sexy camis and tanks, and venture outdoors with sandals on our

Warm weather means that we get to put away our chunky knitwear and puffy coats, swap them for sexy camis and tanks, and venture outdoors with sandals on our feet and soft-serve ice cream in our hands. But we can’t help but miss our sweatpants, leggings, and other loungewear pieces. Leggings are comfy, incredibly flattering, and great for working out. You’re bound to feel uber-confident in them. However, they can become too hot during warm weather.

That’s where shorts come into play, and, thankfully, they are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to find a perfect pair of shorts that’ll actually flatter your body type like leggings. We’ve rounded up five of the comfiest and trendiest short styles you should keep on your radar this summer. They aren’t your average shorts, either. These beauties come in a wide range of fabrics, lengths, and rises, with silhouettes that will actually accentuate your curves and flatter your body type.

1. High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are an evergreen choice for spring and summer – and for good reason. These high-rise pieces accentuate your waist and flatter your curves, making them an excellent pick for women with apple and hourglass body types. Thanks to their rise and generous waist-line, these shorts give you more waist definition and coverage for your tummy. Some of them feature tummy control features, allowing you to look gorgeous and feel confident all day long.

We highly appreciate the versatility that comes with styling high-waisted shorts for women. SanctuaryClothing suggests to go for something casual and simple like a button-down or a plain white blouse so that your statement-making shorts can steal the limelight. If you’re gunning for a casual, cuter look, consider pairing your favorite graphic t-shirt with a high-quality pair of high-waisted shorts. When pairing colors, black on white is the best way to pull off the high-rise short silhouette.

Low-top sneakers, strappy sandals, and even satin-heeled chunky platforms are examples of superb shoe options to style with these shorts. Be that as it may, we’re forever loyal to boots when it comes to creating a cool look with longer short lengths. Plus, covering more skin will help fend off the chill on those cool late summer days.

2. Biker Shorts

Biker shorts were all the rage throughout the 1980s and the 1990s, and then they almost sank into oblivion. Their modern resurgence is nothing short of sensational, and it’s one short trend that has been embraced left, right and center. Nowadays, trendsetting models, designers, celebrities, street-style stars, and Instagram influencers continue to make a case for biker shorts outside of the activewear department. Biker shorts are super-comfy, chic, and flatter just about any body type, often used to contour and tone thighs, hips, and legs. And, above all, these buttery-soft pieces can be whatever you want them to be in your outfit.

If you wish to add a casual athleisure vibe to your outfit, team your biker shorts with a sweatshirt and a graphic tee. You can dress up your shorts with a structured, patterned coat or blazer and wear a fashionable belt to amp up your ensemble’s sophistication factor. Moreover, boxy leather handbags (preferably a crossbody piece), gold necklaces, or other pieces of layered jewelry can help make your biker shorts look more luxurious and stylish. It’s a trick that most celebs and fashion icons like Kim Kardashian use to look expensive without breaking the bank.

If casual combinations are your thing, you’ll appreciate the combo of charcoal biker shorts and a gray crew-neck t-shirt with a layered gold necklace. Elevate the polish level of your outfit with a pair of suede boots.

3. Denim Shorts and Denim Cut-offs

Ditch stiff and super-tight denim shorts for chic and comfy pieces. Denim shorts with straight cuts and high rise have also made a comeback, providing you with the much-needed elongating effect for mile-high sexy legs. The good thing about denim shorts is that they come in unlimited fits, washes, lengths, and rises, so there’s something flattering for you no matter your size, body type, or taste. Denim shorts are a true classic and an evergreen summer short style that won’t let you down.

When styling denim shorts, wear long-sleeve tops for a boho look that’ll get you oodles of compliments. Or, keep it simple by pairing your shorts with a thin white button-down and your favorite pair of low-top sneakers. If you wish to show off more of your beautiful figure, consider a pair of longer denim shorts with distressed details. Want to make your shorts a bit more formal? Why not introduce a pair of satin-heeled sandals and an oversized blazer? This chic, formal outfit is so easy to pull off that it’ll only take a few minutes.

4. Bermuda Shorts

Long shorts caused a lot of tongue-wagging when they made a surprise return to the street styles, social media, and the runway earlier this year. Many trendsetting fashion stars and celebs have embraced the lengthy short trend since. And while their popularity comes in waves, it’s now obvious that Bermuda shorts are here to stay. If you’re unsure what to wear on warm summer days, Bermuda shorts should be your secret style option. They generate plenty of elongating effects for women with pear body types. With hemlines that reach the lower thighs, they also help balance your tall upper half.

Keeping things casual is the secret to styling long shorts like a model or fashion pro. A typical combination is a slim black tank top and a pair of ripped denim Bermudas. To add a little more casual factor to your ensemble, wear a pair of low-top flat sneakers. Or, consider pairing a beautiful cashmere sweater with oversized leather Bermuda shorts for an unquestionable luxe look. Some height in your shoes will help make the long shorts feel feminine and sexy, but don’t go too high. A good pair of kitten heels is ideal.

5. Paper-Bag Shorts

“Bag It” is the general theme for buying, wearing, and styling shorts this summer, and justifiably so. Paper-bag shorts tend to sit high on the waist and are a little more tailored than tie-waist shorts. These features make them ideal for women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies who wish to offset their wide shoulders. Paper-bag shorts are also great for pear-shaped body types, as they offer added waist definition and provide more coverage.

When wearing paper-bag shorts, it pays to keep casual and cozy. A fitted crop top or a simple graphic t-shirt may be all you need to make them shine. A long, oversized coat or blazer may provide the warmth you need during nighttime events. However, if you wear paper-bag shorts, stick to monochromatic color palettes to ensure that your outfit is lean and long.


You’re not alone if you struggle with shopping or styling shorts for warm weather, but, thankfully, today’s shorts come in a variety of fabrics, rises, lengths, and fits that can flatter any body or look.