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5 Stylish Theme Ideas for Bathrooms with Copper Bathtubs

5 Stylish Theme Ideas for Bathrooms with Copper Bathtubs

Are you a copper tub owner looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom with a stylish theme?

May 16th, 2022

Are you a copper tub owner looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom with a stylish theme? It’s understandable for a homeowner to want to upgrade their bathroom without letting go of their bathtub. A copper bathtub is a statement item that adds a splash of style to a bathroom. A theme can come together with the right accessories to complement a statement bathtub.

There are several ways to create a bathroom theme that centers on copper bathtubs. Here are some of the theme ideas to use for your bathroom.

A few Copper Fixtures

Choose one or two fixtures in the bathroom made out of copper. Copper taps, sink basins, candle holders, cabinet handles, doorknobs, chandeliers, mirror frames, towel holders, and other bathroom fixtures will do. Copper fixtures match your bathtub and ensure a flow to your bathroom theme. Don’t overdo the copper fixtures, as the rich color can sometimes become overwhelming.

Copper Tile Backsplash

Using some copper tone tiles as part of a bathroom backsplash will accentuate the statement your bathtub is making. It can be a few rows of copper tone tiles or one of the walls in your bathroom. Avoid adding more copper-themed accessories to the bathroom after choosing a copper-toned tile backsplash. Also, consider using a bright neutral color to add light to the room.

Precious Metal Accessories

Copper pieces work well with metals like gold, silver, and brass. Invest in high-quality copper metal fixtures for your bathroom. Additionally, homeowners can choose rustic designs to complement the rustic copper bathtub designs. The shiny finish of precious metal accessories adds sparkle and a luxurious feel to the space’s ambiance.

Copper Tone Candles

Candles have a way of making a space feel relaxing and refreshing. Using copper tone candles or candles with copper decorations are excellent additions. Candles can alleviate your experience when soaking in the bathtub after a long day. Try different locations for the candles until the area feels enchanting when the candles get lit.

Classic Rustic Accents

A few rustic accessories around copper bathtubs transform the area from plain to something out of a spa. Some rustic ideas include towel holders, shelves, soap holders, or taps. Be careful of adding too many rustic features to avoid overdoing it. A copper tub is a massive feature in a bathroom, and adding a few small accessories around the room is enough.

Another way to add rustic accents is to use the building structure. Leave some beams exposed in their natural color or other traditional architectural features.

Compliment Your Copper Bathtub With Style

Copper has a rich color, and using dull colors can ruin the overall outlook. Bright colors or nude colors allow the tub to stand out and balance the rich color. Therefore, the area will look inviting because of the contrast between the light and dark hues. Bright color tones will complement any metal or copper fixtures in the room, making them attractive.

Copper bathtubs are excellent statement pieces for bathrooms, especially spacious bathrooms that need an attractive focal point. Bring out the most of your bathroom with these copper-style tips and more.



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