Here are tips from various lovely members of #TeamCoco on how to make this time the most productive, enjoyable and relaxing experience of your working life.

1. Get a Varidesk.

I was getting serious backache as lockdown began. Long hours at an unsuitable living room chair and table aren’t good for anyone.

But then, I welcomed the Varidesk into my life. It arrived fully assembled with nine different height settings – and is super easy and safe to use. I move it from the top of my wardrobe, to my table, to my window sill, depending on my mood and the light.

Standing desks are proven to reduce stress, increase productivity by 48% and burn extra calories.

2. Get that work-life balance

Rachel McAlley splits the day up. She spends her morning on housework, laundry, shopping and homeschooling and then the afternoon is for work.

Anna Willatt starts the day with 15 minutes of quiet downtime, screen-free and with a coffee in hand.

Her top tip is: “Be clear when you are clocking off to colleagues or clients and then STOP WORKING.”

3. Make ‘achievement lists’ rather than ‘to-do’ lists

Founder of House of Coco Laura Bartlett says: “Some days I wake up and do what I feel like doing and THEN write it down – so it’s like I have a to do list of things I already achieved and it makes me feel a real sense of accomplishment”.

4. Find your own groove

Bronwyn Townsend spends the morning relaxing, walking and catching up on the news. Then works during the afternoon and evening. She says: “I’m a night owl and the 9-5 schedule was always a nightmare for my productivity.”

For Amira Arasteh, it is all about waking up naturally: “I love to leave my curtains open so the sun wakes me up and I’m not in a groggy mood for the day.”

Deb Donns says: “The opportunity to loosen the boundaries has enabled me to discover what times of day I’m more focused and creative, resulting in a new schedule that I’ll carry on beyond lock down”.

5. Surround yourself with scents

Anyone who has had a mild form of coronavirus and lost their sense of smell will appreciate how important scents can be for wellbeing.

Alexandra Harrison-Chinn recommends: “burning different candles, spraying relaxing scents before bed, using pulse roll ons and shower oils to revive or relax”.

For a new sort of scent, we recommend RAWE Sugar Co’s natural soya wax melts. These are handmade and created with therapeutic grade essential oils – yum!

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