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5 Things to do in Mykonos in 2022

5 Things to do in Mykonos in 2022

Ancient white windmills line up the waterfront of Choraor Mykonos Town, the main attraction of the tourists. Mykonos is a small island that lies between Tinos and Naxos.

March 30th, 2022

Ancient white windmills line up the waterfront of Choraor Mykonos Town, the main attraction of the tourists. Mykonos is a small island that lies between Tinos and Naxos. The island has its natural beauty, white architecture, blue-domed churches, sandy beaches, excellent restaurants, and beachside tavernas. Mykonos offers you the vast sea and a fun-loving cosmopolitan environment. Its sandy beach and history-packed backcountry attract tourists from all over Europe. Traditional foods like louza meats, Kopanisti cheese, and Baklava satisfy your hunger cravings. The nightlife is exciting; clubs and disco bars are open till dawn. Top DJs witness the sun setting over the sea with their romantic tunes. Mykonos is an island of endless opportunities. Indulge in a luxury experience and book an unforgettable stay at luxury villas for rent in Mykonos.

Let’s explore the things to do in Mykonos:

  1. Charter a boat to Delos

A visit to Mykonos is incomplete without going to Delos. It is a couple of kilometers away from the southwest coast of Mykonos. One of Greece’s most treasured archaeological sites is the island of Delos. UNESCO has declared it a world heritage site. Greek mythology lovers may be amazed to know Delos is the birthplace of twin gods Apollo and Artemis. In addition, you can discover the Terrace of the Lions from the 7th century BC, the Doric Temple of the Delians, the Minoan Fountain, a series of market squares, and the Theatre Quarter with splendid mosaics. The sea, wind, and sands of time witness these historical sites through the ages.

  1. Romantic Dinner at Alefkandra, Little Venice

In Mykonos, there is a little Venice with its restaurants’ balconies hanging over the water. It’s the waterside that gives Little Venice its name. There are restaurants with an open and narrow path above the sea with tables for couples lined along the way. At restaurant Katerina’s, you can have delicious Greek cuisine with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. The sunsets are spectacular, facing west. You can witness the sky turn from blue to pink and red while enjoying steamed mussels, shrimps, and salads garnished with feta cheese. Book a table before twilight and view the windmills catching the last rays.

  1. Matogianni Street

Matogianni Street is from north to south through Mykonos Town. There are souvenir shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, international chains like Sephora and Lacoste. Deeper in the town, you can see many tavernas with reasonable prices and enjoy souvlaki or gyro. At romantic spots, there are restaurants with bougainvillea running up the walls. You can also find bars in the early hours on Matogianni Street.

  1. Rarity Gallery

Mykonos is well-reputed as an art destination. Rarity Gallery dated back to 1995. It is a three-room space that consists of paintings, sculptures, photography, and installations by international artists. The gallery portrays the pieces of renowned names and unique art from emerging talent. You will find the art of Julian Opie and Carole Feuerman (famous for hyper-realistic sculpture) and Hong Sung (known for three-dimensional string sculptures).

  1. Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

Mykonos archaeological museum is in the north-eastern part of Chora. It has gathered antiques (from around 1st century BC) from Mykonos and adjacent islands. There is a ceramic pithos or jar from the 7th century BC. You will also find Cycladic patterned pottery from 2800 BC. In addition, there are black vases from the lonian islands. Mykonos archaeological museum also has a statue of Heracles wielding a club from Rheneia.

The other top attractions for tourists are Mykonos Windmills (the first sight as you enter the port), Old Harbour(an area full of restaurants, bars, souvenirs, and designer shops), Platys Yalos(the most popular beach on the island having a regular bus service from Chora).



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