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5 Things to Know Before Going on a Honeymoon Safari

5 Things to Know Before Going on a Honeymoon Safari

5 Things to Know Before Going on a Honeymoon Safari

December 9th, 2022

More and more couples are choosing to honeymoon in style. And they want their celebration of marriage to reflect what's most important to them. So for those couples who love nature and adventure, how better to celebrate than on a romantic African honeymoons.

Africa has much to offer for honeymooners. Its unparalleled scenic beauty, vast scale, and magnificent wildlife found nowhere else on Earth lend themselves easily to a romantic adventure.

And because your honeymoon is your first foray into the world as a married couple, you both have high expectations for this special occasion and count on having a wonderful time. So before you book your African honeymoon safari, there are a few details unique to Africa that will be worth bearing in mind.

Wildlife Differs From One Game Reserve to Another

Are you aware that the species and numbers of animals will vary from region to region, depending on the terrain and the animals' migration patterns? Before booking your honeymoon safari, decide on the wildlife you want to encounter and go from there. Or, if there are places you must see, read up on what attractions, including wildlife, you can expect to find there.

If seeing the Big Five game animals, and lots of them, is your top priority, you should visit the Serengeti National Park. Or, if you want to see hippos, you'll need to look for water, and the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is a favorite. The largest population of chimps can be found at the Mahale Mountains National Park in western Tanzania, and there's no better place on Earth to see flamingos than Lake Manyara to the northeast.

So to maximize your experience, you need to research and list all the animals you'd like to see on your safari. Then settle for a reserve with the best reputation and reviews for sighting those animals.

Consider the Time of the Year

Familiarize yourself with the African calendar before you book your honeymoon safari and align your wish list with the seasonal goings-on in your safari destinations. Generally, the best time to go on safari is during the dry months of the year, from June into early fall. The temperatures are lower, and you'll avoid the sweltering heat of the winter months.

And during the rainy season, when food and water are plentiful, the animals are spread out all over. When the rain stops and the water sources dry up, wildlife must make its way to a dwindling number of watering holes, where they congregate and are easy to spot. You'll know where to find them.

And while the rainy months make for good birdwatching, there are better times for game drives. With all the rain, the roads become muddy and rutted and are often impassable. However, if you and your loved one want the place to yourselves or you're working with a tight budget, you'll find lodging and tours at significant discounts.

So if you're going for a Tanzania honeymoon safari, the best time is from June into early fall when hundreds of thousands of animals are on the move. The Great Wildebeest Migration moves counter-clockwise through the Serengeti, including the spectacular Mara River crossing into Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve in early fall. All you'll need to do is follow their path.

Most Lodges Have More to Offer Than Game Drives

Of course, most people anticipating an African safari think game drives. We've all heard the stories and watched the films. And now you're picturing waking up at dawn, your loved one beside you as the sun rises over the African bush. How surreal, the notion that you can actually make this happen!

The African bush and wildlife are magnificent, no doubt about it. Unlike anything you've ever seen before. But, incredibly, an African safari has even more exciting possibilities to explore.

There are walking safaris where it's not all about the Big Five. Experience the peace and quiet along wooded trails where you can observe rare birds and exotic flora at your own pace. Or visit sprawling coffee plantations along lush mountainsides or the geologic wonder of Ngorongoro Crater.

Some lakeshore resorts offer motorboat or canoe rentals, too. And because most game activities take place during the wee hours of the morning or late in the afternoon, it makes sense to choose a camp with other daytime activities.

And, of course, a resort with a spa is a nice honeymooning consideration. Imagine relaxing with a couple's massage after a day in the African wilderness or making time for a quick workout in the gym facilities.

Consider the Pricing of Accommodations

It's your honeymoon, and it's natural for you to want to go all out on a luxurious lodge or tented camp. And, if you can swing it, you'll appreciate many of the special touches.

Luxury accommodations are usually more spacious and less crowded. There are often fewer rooms compared to other camps, resulting in few campers on site, upping the amount of privacy you can expect. And then, fewer guests at the camp translates to fewer guests on game drives, allowing for a more personalized safari experience.

Of course, you can expect a finer dining experience and more amenities at a luxurious lodge. And as most families do not opt for luxury, couples on honeymoon often appreciate the peace and quiet of a resort with fewer children. Couples can unwind by the pool without the playful shrieking of splashing kids.

Get Vaccinated and Observe All Safety Precautions

When visiting Africa, you'll find most people friendly and hospitable, and tourists travel safely and securely. However, visitors to the continent still need to prioritize their personal safety and comply with all health and safety directives.

So before traveling, ensure you have the appropriate vaccinations, including yellow fever and malaria, and receive medical clearance for travel to Africa. Always travel with a copy of your passport, vaccination records, and health and travel insurance. And it pays to pack a first aid kit.

Plan for hot days and cold nights when planning your wardrobe. Double-check your luggage to ensure you've packed everything you need to stay healthy and safe.


Your dreams of an African honeymoon safari can come true! We hope these tips help make your honeymoon everything you've hoped for and more. So what are you waiting for, plan your honeymoon safari with your spouse and embark on a trip of a lifetime. We assure you that you will experience nature like never before and make memories to cherish.

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