With its stunning array of magnificent venues, Southern California is the perfect place to tie the knot. This culture-rich region has much to offer with plentiful cuisine and a wide range of skilled professionals ready to bring your beautiful SoCal nuptials to life. The key is making choices that best fit your goals and vision. While choosing locations, food, vendors and wedding rentals Los Angeles, take a look at some smart tips to craft a visually stunning wedding.

1. Scope Out the Best Location

Southern California has no shortage of outdoor venues with magnificent views. While many offer onsite amenities, you may need to consider wedding furniture rental if you choose a location such as a beach, park or backyard. It’s a good idea to visit the venue in person to confirm if it has shelter, seating and dining areas, restroom facilities, and other key features.

2. Light It Up Right

The right lighting is essential for both indoor and outdoor weddings. With options such as string lighting, color washes, candlelight, lanterns and light projections, it’s easy to create dazzling effects. Before you settle on a lighting strategy, however, it’s a good idea to tour your location during the time of day you’ll hold the ceremony. Also, be aware of venue restrictions on open flames and hanging objects. Keep in mind that many event furniture rental providers offer lots of lighting options from which to choose. You may also hire the experts from outdoor festoon lighting to light up your desks.

3. Choose Delicious and Visually Striking Cuisine

You already know that food’s visual presentation is just as important as how it tastes. That’s especially true at weddings, where outstanding visuals help create the overall atmosphere. Fortunately, visual appeal can be artfully executed with any type of cuisine or meal service style. While you taste test potential caterers’ offerings, make sure you also evaluate how their food looks.

4. Dress Up Your Tables

You’ll naturally think about center pieces, inexpensive table runners, tablecloths and napkins, but you should also pay attention to flatware, plates, drinking glasses. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures and finishes. While bold and bright hues are fun, subtler shades can still craft an unforgettable look. Keep in mind that you can also mix styles: for instance, rustic décor with luxe tableware or industrial-styled interiors with vintage décor.

5. Don’t Forget Sofas and Lounge Seating

Your guests will want to eat and enjoy your entertainment, but they also want to relax. One great way to offer extra seating and enhance your wedding’s vibe is by providing additional sofas, loveseats and lounge chairs. Look for a wedding furniture rental company that includes these seating options. Accent and coffee tables will also make your spaces feel more welcoming.

Californians love to go beyond the ordinary, and weddings are no exception. While you search for the best venue and caterer, make sure you also look for an experienced and professional San Diego event rentals company. With the right help and a creative open mind, you can effortlessly design a beautiful and unforgettable wedding.


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