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5 Tips for Staying in Shape While on Vacation as an Athlete

It’s hard to mix staying in shape and vacation. On vacation, you’re supposed to be relaxed and indulge in things you want to do.

It’s hard to mix staying in shape while on vacation and relaxation. On vacation, you’re supposed to indulge in things you want to do without worry.

As an athlete, where training and working out becomes a daily routine, going on vacation can interrupt your vigorous workout schedule. You might even avoid going on vacation in fear that you’ll lose your competitive edge if you slack off for just a bit. So, how do you go on a vacation and enjoy it while not losing muscle?

5 Tips for Staying in Shape as an Athlete While on Vacation

Research has shown that it takes 2 weeks of inactivity to notice a decrease in physical fitness. So, as long as you are finding ways to stay active and healthy throughout your vacation (which is likely not more than a week), you should be fine.

There are several ways you can still stay in shape as an athlete even when you’re on vacation.

Do a Morning Workout Routine

A morning workout routine will help energize and start up your body. Get in the vacation mindset and ready to take on activities.

A simple stretching workout can greatly benefit and energize your body. If there is a gym you have access to, try using it for 30 minutes in the morning.

There are also various workouts you can do without going to the gym or using workout equipment like:

● Push-ups

● Planking

● Squats

Or, use nature and your resourcefulness to your advantage. Out in nature? Pick up a rock and use it as a weight. Do some lifting workouts. Try a coconut and other heavy fruits as well.

Bamboo should make great work for shoulder press and lateral squats. Everyday objects like water bottles, ladders, and chairs can be a piece of workout equipment for you. If you’re looking for specific drills to do for the sport you play, pull up sites like Athletic Lift to get quick ideas on how you can improve your agility or certain skill sets.

Pack Lightweight Workout Tools

When packing the stuff you need to stay in shape, you’re already forming a mindset. You know you are going to be doing workouts during your vacation.

Conditioning your mind to do these things is important. You want to workout without the hassle of bringing in heavy equipment. That would also add expenses when you’re traveling.

There are plenty of other workout tools you can work with that are lightweight. You can bring a jump rope or a resistance band. These easily fit inside your traveling bag. Don’t forget to bring some clothes you can wear. Keep these for your vacation workout.

Incorporate Workouts in Vacation Activities

If you’re going on a vacation and staying indoors, you’re doing it wrong. Exploring is an essential part of a vacation. Exploring also involves a lot of walking. This will help you stay in shape as you enjoy your vacation.

There are plenty of vacation activities you can do that will help you stay in shape. For example, swimming for around 20-30 minutes is already a great cardio workout.

You can also trek or run throughout trails or naturesque areas. Finding areas like this can be great to help with your agility, especially if you play a sport where you need to be quick with your feet.

Maybe you’re in a city with not many places to make you sweat. You can still stay in shape even without hitting the local gym. Walk around and explore various locations, shops, and landmarks in the city. This will keep you in shape even on vacation.

Eat Native Delicacies but in Moderation

Eating is also part of getting in shape. You need nutrients to keep your bodily functions maintained. While you’re out, be sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Don’t be afraid to try native delicacies. Most of them are nutritious. This is true, especially in tropical and rural areas where vegetation is part of their cultural cuisine. While it’s great to try new foods, be sure to be smart about it. Your body is likely not used to some of these foods, and it’s not worth having an allergic reaction or diarrhea.

Relax Your Mind

You’re on vacation. A peaceful mind will keep those negative vibes away.

If you’re stressing out during your vacation, you might increase your cortisol level. Cortisol is a hormone that triggers hunger and craving for high-fat and sugary foods. You might be eating yourself away on vacation.

One thing you can do to clear your mind is by doing yoga. Yoga can help relax your mind. Some poses ease and relax your muscles along with your mind.

Yoga can help keep you in shape while on vacation. This is also great to communicate with nature and cleanse your mind of stress. Fill your mind with calmness while doing yoga.

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Whether you’re out on a tropical vacation, exploring Europe, or having a relaxing staycation, there are several ways to stay in shape while on vacation as an athlete. Find small ways throughout the day to be active, but also remember to relax – it is a vacation, after all!