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5 tips on how to make a better Curry

5 tips on how to make a better Curry

5 tips on how to make a better Curry

January 17th, 2023

Throughout the world, curry, a dish associated with South Asian cuisine, has gained popularity. Considering it's a nationwide tradition, it's hard to describe what the original, homemade curry should taste like, what ingredients are mandatory, as restaurants on different continents have introduced their own innovations. Yet, it’s good to know 5 tips on how to make a better Curry.

#1 Don’t let your spices go bland

On a recent trip to "Tindli" one of London's most popular places for authentic Indian food, we asked the waiter if he had any tips for making a homemade curry. His first piece of advice was to be generous with spices.

South Asian cuisine is known for their rich spices, which are always used fresh. Don’t buy a big jar of garam masala, just because you often prepare curry, as it’s recommended to use it within a few days or weeks.

Bland spices add nothing to the taste of the dish, and when using cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves, heat them in hot oil to discover their smell and flavor. Don't forget about onions that add up a lot to the taste of curry.

#2 The order matters

The sequence of spices matters too, as the rule says we add dry whole spices at the beginning of cooking, dry powders in the middle, and fresh herbs and chillies right before serving, not to kill their taste and smell.

#3 Choose how spicy your curry you want

Curry needs the hot chilli to be spicy, but it can easily become bland or hot if the chilli isn't hot enough. The best way to determine how spicy a chilli is is to sample a small amount before cooking. Make sure you keep a glass of milk by your side to help you get rid of capsaicin from your tongue. The chilli should be added much later in a curry that's intended to be extremely hot.

#4 Sauce is the key to success

One of the best things about curry is its silky and thick sauce. To recreate the taste of the sauce straight from an Indian restaurant, use tomato puree, yogurt, or coconut milk. The secret ingredient is nuts, such as ground almonds or peanuts.

You may find your inspiration by Tindli at their website https://www.tindli.com.

#5 A curry is a slow food

Take your time preparing your curry and remember it's a slow food to achieve the best taste. Onion is an important ingredient, and it needs time to be ready. There are some recipes suggesting using a slow cooker, to use the dump and forget method.

Such a way of cooking is accepted for curry, as long as you start with preparing the base for your perfect dish, which is called bhuna. In this recipe, onion, garlic, and ginger are cooked with oil, which gives the dish the most flavor, and it gets better the longer it cooks.

Laura Bartlett

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