Branded items and stationery are a great way to boost morale amongst your employees and make everyone feel like they belong in a team, and can make a great addition to Christmas or Thanksgiving hampers or gifts for your employees.

When you’re designing a corporate calendar, whatever the occasion, it’s important to get it right. Now, that isn’t to say it has to be a masterpiece, but your branded calendar should at least be pretty enough to be used! If you’re in charge of designing your company’s corporate calendar but don’t know where to start, fear not. We’ve got 5 great tips to make sure your calendars are well worth your time and money.

  1. Make Sure Your Branding is Front and Center

This is an obvious one, but the main reason for creating a corporate calendar is to show off your company’s brand, right? So it’s important to make sure that your company’s branding is clear and central on the calendar. Of course, we don’t mean having huge garish logos pasted across each page, but you also don’t want to make it too small. Striking the right balance between knowing it’s your company’s calendar but without making it too obvious is key.

Aside from logos, you can include things like branded borders or even your company’s slogan somewhere on the calendar page.

  1. Choose Your Colors Wisely

The colors you choose for your company calendar should also reflect your company branding. Colors are a key part of creating consistent branding across all of your communications, and your corporate calendar is no different. So creating a color scheme that matches your logo and branding is really important.

  1. Pick a Universal Size

The size of your calendar is also an important decision to make. From smaller desk calendars to larger wall calendars, you have to decide how your employees will use this calendar and choose a size accordingly. It’s best to pick a size that everyone will be able to use here.

  1. Add in Personalized Dates of Interest

A great way to personalize your corporate calendar is to add in dates of interest that are unique to your company. Alongside regular calendar dates like Thanksgiving and other public holidays, adding in personalized dates is a great way to make your calendar unique. This could be the anniversary of the company’s launch, your CEO’s birthday and so much more! There is a real opportunity here to add in some humor and character, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

  1. Make Sure it Reflects Your Culture

Every company has a unique corporate culture that should be communicated in all of your communications – so remember this when it comes to designing your company calendar. Don’t be afraid to show off your brand personality and the way your team works together in the calendar. This could be reflected in your choice of pictures for each month, little added details or quotes to help give your team a boost when they go to check the date or pencil in a meeting!


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