We are fully aware that we are well in to 2015 but here at House of Coco we are struggling to shed the Christmas pounds, STILL!

So we have teamed up with Slice Studio who have 5 tips to help you shed those extra pounds..

GET YOUR GREENS – try to include a side salad every chance you get, and if you’re super keen on greens join the green smoothie craze. Greens rev up digestive juices and help keep the body in an alkaline state, which helps fight stress and therefore weight gain too for most of us.


GET MOVING ON YOUR POST-HOLIDAY CATCH UPS – Bundle up and go for a chatty stroll rather than going for cocktails. Take mum for a walk before dinner to keep your appetite in check.

TAKE UP A NEW ACTIVITY -So much of our New Year goals revolve around stripping our lives of great pleasures. But sometimes adding in something new that makes you happy, a healthy form of activity or entertainment can be just what you need to cut the cravings for the bad stuff.


HIBERNATE – Poor sleep negatively affects hormones- especially those hormones that regulate hunger and stress, which can impact our weight. Aim for at least 7-9 hours every night. Set your “bedtime” boundary and don’t compromise.


PICK UP A TEA HABIT – Green is the new black, as they say in the world of tea. Tea can be a great boost for the mood, but also the moods, the skin, the digestion and overall well-being. Go easy on the caffeine, and always keep a few pouches in your handbag. Sometimes a little tea is all you need, and of course it’s better shared.


Top tips supplied by Colby Hanks, Director at Slice Studios in Parsons Green, London. www.slicestudios.co.uk

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