The tourism industry is growing fast that might be putting an extra burden on your pocket. I personally believe that travel doesn’t have to be expensive but as the airfare is getting higher year after year, hotel prices are increasing very fast making the stay costlier. Is there any scope whether you get the joy of traveling to some awesome places and not getting broke?

While doing research to find out tourist places with the least expenses and I have come up with a long list. That has made me feel that I should have known to these places. I was amazed to get to know that the expense of one week tour is less than one month home expenses. To find out a few best options among these, I tapped into a handful of travel insiders to know their experiences to find out the cheapest and most amusing travel places around the world. From that list here are a few of them.


Thailand is a beautiful country with wonderful beaches in the world. Air travel is also not much expensive and which is even cheaper from May to October. There are many hotels and resorts which will be your pocket-friendly. An expert at help with finance homework says you can book a stay in less than $10 in the city like Bangkok. If you want to go for a beach stay and you choose a camping option you need to spend only $3 for one person for a night, only. If you go to Koh Adang, you can limit your budget to 10$ for the entire day with meals and stay, while exploring beaches, waterfalls, and natural beauty. Tourism is one of the major segments in Thailand’s economy that is why Thailand government also promotes it by making the tourism available in affordable price even for a middle-class family.


Vietnam is known for its amazing beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, and bustling cities. This county is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. This is the only tourist place in Southeast Asia where you can happily live your day in less than 25$ a day. Night stat can be easily found in less than $10. A good meal would cost between $0.5 to $2. Street foods, bus travel, are cheap. Mike ruse an expert at do my statistics assignmentsuggests that one of the most popular ways to travel in Vietnam is through motorbike. This will bring out the cost of living even lower. Fuel is cheaper and traveling through own bike would save the transportation cost through taxies and buses.


India could be one of the best choices I personally prefer. The country has a lot more to offer at less expense. It is a very vast county with many states, famous for different cultures and tourist places. Spending an entire month in India feels like you have scratched the surface only. Mr. Mike a friend of mine, working at searchmetrics discount code has sent to India for a holiday trip stated that; the cost of living is not much. You can easily live a day spending $20 to $30, covering your 3 times meals, staying at a budget hotel, local transportation, and some amusements as well. Places like Kerala, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal, etc. are amazing places to visit within your restricted budget.


The list will be incomplete if I don’t include Cambodia. This is one of the budget friendly places I have ever known. Ruse a tourist says; visiting massive stone temple Angkor Wat would cost you much lower than your expectations. The average daily expense for a backpacker in Cambodia is around $35. But this can be reduced to $10 a day depending upon one’s expectations and style of travel. Meals in any exclusive restaurants can’t be more than $10 and overnight stay at hotel accommodation would cost no more than $3. For breakfast $2 to $3 is sufficient.


Philippines are known for its beaches, sailing, and island hopping, the people and culture, scuba diving and snorkeling, the Banaue Rice Terraces, swimming with whale sharks, natural landscapes, etc. Places are less expensive in terms of tourism. Tourism is an important sector in its economy that is why the government does many things to promote tourism. This may seem unrealistic but an average daily expense in this country is $30 only. An overnight cost at a budgeted hotel would not cost more than $10. If you are comfortable with the roadside meal, use local transportation, using lodge or dorm then you can bring your daily expense to $20 to $25. Adventure activities like scuba diving are quite affordable rather beaches and sunsets are free to enjoy.


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