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5 Tricks to Make Moving Less Stressful

5 Tricks to Make Moving Less Stressful

Americans are often on the move because of better jobs or other reasons.


Americans are often on the move because of better jobs or other reasons. Everyone is glad to be in the new home and location but many dread the process of moving a whole household from one place to another. Moving home can be very expensive and choosing the correct moving company is critical. Businesses also move for better location and growth opportunities. Make sure to choose a reliable and trustworthy moving company.

Choose a Good Moving Company

There are both good and unscrupulous movers out there, so get educated on which moving companies are honest and reliable. Narrow down the list and then interview them asking for licensing, insurance, and customer referrals. Go online and look for sites that rate moving companies and list customer experiences. Movers Advisors offers moving services for local, across the country, or international moves.

The best overseas mover will have moving associates who can help families or businesses cut down on moving stress and have a more successful move. There will be advice on moving pets, extra cars, packing belongings, moving to another state, and more.

5 Tips For Making the Move Less Stressful

There are ways to cut down the stress of moving. Some people like to go to new locations but dread the moving process. These are ways to make a move less stressful:

1. Realize there will be some stress and plan for it. Learn to handle the stress and move forward in spite of it. Plan on getting plenty of sleep during the process.

2. Allow enough time for each step of the moving process. Allow at least two days to pack up a small apartment and about four days to pack up a two-bedroom home. The bigger the home, or the more stuff you have, the more days should be allowed for packing. Allow time for choosing the right moving company or hiring a rental truck, setting up utilities at the new home, and cleaning the home you are vacating.

3. Start small with the moving tasks. Start with one drawer or one room and go from there in manageable jobs. Get one small job done and then move on to another one.

4. Organization is another key to reducing stress. Make a detailed plan and put it in writing so you can check off each step as it gets done. The moving plan should be in a folder with all the information in one spot including contact numbers for everyone you are dealing with. Don’t neglect to label all the boxes, cords, and so on.

5. Get help with the packing and loading of the truck. Contact friends or family ahead of time so they can plan to be with you as you pack.

In addition to these tips, homeowners or business owners might consider hiring a moving company that does the furniture and belonging packing for the customer. This is a really good service for busy people or for people with mobility and health issues. Moving companies might offer different levels of service at different costs. So, they may pack the large items, leaving the smaller personal belongings for the homeowner to pack.

Doing the Move On Your Own

This is the hardest and most stressful way to move but it does save the homeowner or business owner considerable money. You will need to line up the correct size rental moving truck and make sure it is in good running condition. It might be a good idea to get it one day before you need it and take it for a test drive to avoid problems during the trip to the new home or office.

Start early with the packing and allow more time than you think for loading the truck. Get help. Be organized. Look up good truck packing instructions to avoid damage from improper loading and load shifting. Are you sure you can not afford a professional mover?



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