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5 Ways Smart Scales Can Help You Stay Healthy

5 Ways Smart Scales Can Help You Stay Healthy

Are you at risk of a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes? Then this article should interest you.

July 31st, 2022

Are you at risk of a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes? Then this article should interest you. If you haven’t heard of it, the CDC warns that the most common causes of premature death, such as the above-mentioned health problems, are linked to obesity.

Even certain types of the Big C are linked to obesity. It’s safe to say that weight is one of our most crucial health concerns.

A whole different lifestyle of good habits is the key to weight management. Plenty of resources can help us manage our weight, and an essential tool is a smart scale.

What exactly is a smart scale?

A smart scale is an electronic bathroom scale. It measures your weight and body composition metrics, which refers to the percentage of your body fat, body water, bone density, and muscle mass. Health care professionals use body composition to determine whether you have a healthy weight for your body.

So, once the smart scale measures your weight and body composition, it transmits the results to your smartphone through WiFi or Bluetooth. In short, each time you step on the smart scale, all the data and information gathered will be stored in your phone. You can then use this to monitor your progress over time.

How do smart scales help you stay healthy?

#1: They keep records of your previous weigh-ins

You probably have heard the saying: Small progress is still progress. But most often than not, we don’t fully recognize the little progress; we tend to overlook them. Stepping on the scale can be frustrating when we’re not happy with the “progress,” and as a result, we quit.

Now, with smart scales, you don’t have to look at the measurements if you don’t want to. All the data and measurements gathered will still be recorded safely on your phone. You can look at them when you’re ready to compare your past weight changes.

#2: Family weight-tracking

Some smart scales take weight-tracking up a notch. They can accommodate multiple users and record their data and measurements. This ingenious invention can identify each family member using their previous reading.

This is especially helpful for families with a history of heart disease and other weight-related health issues such as type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. The weight results recorded on your scale on your phone can help your health care provider evaluate and determine your and your family’s health status.

For families who want to live a healthy lifestyle, this weight-tracking device makes it easy to support each other’s weight and fitness goals. This can even motivate kids to start a healthy lifestyle habit at an early age!

#3: Pregnancy and infant weight-tracking

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, soon-to-be moms need to take care of their weight. A smart scale with a unique feature that allows you to set a pregnancy or infant mode can come in really handy. Depending on its brand and model, this device can even go as far as allowing expectant moms to key in their expected delivery date and monitor their weight regularly.

With a user-friendly baby mode, you will be able to monitor the weight of your baby at all times. As a first step to achieving this goal, moms will have to weigh themselves first; then step back on the smart scale with their baby and weigh themselves again.

From there, you can just calculate the weight results by subtracting your and your baby’s weight from your weight alone. That way, you can keep track of your baby’s weight development even before their regular check-ups!

#4: It provides an individual goal to your fitness routine

As we’ve said, there comes the point in your weight loss journey where you’ll feel frustrated with not losing much weight. Well, this is what a traditional scale can give you—less motivation. Why? The answer is simple: a traditional scale only shows your weight.

However, a smart scale can actually give you a better interpretation of your weight-loss plateau. You can see which body composition relates to your fitness progress—whether it’s a body fat mass or a muscle build-up. This can help you restructure your goals for weight loss according to the accurate readings on your smart scale.

#5: They work well with other fitness gadgets and apps

Some smart scales are in sync with fitness trackers like Google Fit and Fitbit. Using a fitness tracker that works in sync with your smart scale, you can easily record your weight and modify your workouts correspondingly.


Having a smart scale can really help a lot when it comes to health insights and healthy weight management. Good daily habits are hard to keep up, but having this device in your home can give every family member much-needed motivation to get those weigh-ins done—and actually do something about those extra pounds!



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