5 Ways to Add Glam to Your Life and Boost Your Self-Love 

Focused on satisfying the needs of the people we love, or the tasks we have to finish, we often forget about our own needs and desires. It’s just as important to cherish ourselves too so that we feel whole and worthy.

Adding a bit of glamour to our lives can sometimes help us restore our love for ourselves, and be a reminder of all the wonderful things life has to offer. Here is how to treat yourself well.

Pamper Yourself with a Bubble Bath 

Sometimes all you need to do to elevate your mood and lift your spirits is to take some time for yourself and connect with your inner being. A warm bubble bath can be a perfect setting for making this connection, as in this private moment you can allow yourself enough space and time to feel your emotions and make peace with them.

There are many essential oils you can add to your bath, so make your own selection of fragrances you’ll. Choose the ones you love the most and let them soothe you. You can play your favorite relaxation music to set the atmosphere and add more glam to your restorative session with a glass of your favorite wine, or candlelit ambiance.

Take Care of Your Skin 

One of the ways of boosting positive feelings towards yourself is by nurturing your skin by following a whole 7-step skincare routine. We hardly find time for treating our skin the way it deserves anymore, just like we often forget to care about our most intimate part –our soul until it fades and goes numb.

Get all of your favorite skin products and give yourself the luxury you need to feel good and don’t forget to prepare home-made masks for your face and your hair. Show your body the appreciation it deserves for all the wonderful moments it made possible, but don’t associate your self-love to your appearance.

Treat Yourself 

One of the best ways to boost your self-love is by treating yourself to some of the things you desire. This doesn’t mean you have to max out your cards in order to boost your mood, but showing yourself some gratitude and appreciation from time to time will do you good. Whether it’s an authentic piece of Moon Magic jewelry, a dinner in a newly-opened restaurant or a fancy bag you’ve seen while window shopping, these little gifts will get you through when you hit a rough patch, especially after a bad breakup.

Improve Your Mood With Scented Candles 

There is no simpler way to create an atmosphere of glamour and luxury than by lighting a few scented candles in your room and enjoying the ambiance they create. Dim the lights and let that flickering yellow shimmer do its magic – it will soon make you feel as if the time stopped in the 1920s, and the scents will awaken your senses and make your emotions flourish. 

It’s a perfect setting for whichever self-indulging activity you choose – may it be a dinner with your significant other, an evening in with a glass of wine, some chocolate and your favorite book, or a much-needed chat with your girlfriends.

Wear Lace Down to Bed

The routine of our everyday lives sneaks into our bedrooms too, and we easily forget to nurture and appreciate our sensuality and sexuality. Even if we do, it’s usually when we have something special planned, but rarely to enjoy the touch of luxury against our skin or the reflection we see in the mirror. Choosing the soothing materials, such as lace or silk will bring all the glam you need for your bedtime, even if you plan to spend it alone, enjoying your own company.

The road to self-love usually begins with your body. Find ways to reach out to your soul too.

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