House of Coco comes with some wonderful perks, and a massage, or three, has been enjoyed by the team in various locations around the world. We do love a good massage, who doesn’t? But not every massage is the same and everyone’s experiences are different, so here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from some of the best, and strangest, massages I’ve ever had.

Full body can mean full body

I would like to think that there’s very little that shocks me, but the first massage that included my breasts was a bit of a surprise. Not a bad surprise, just the kind of thing that makes your eyes bolt open for a moment whilst your brain processes what’s going on. Did you know that your boobs could be platonically fondled? I certainly didn’t. This didn’t spoil the overall experience for me, but it did break that tranquil haze for a minute, which isn’t exactly what you want.

You should never feel bad about your boundaries

If the above point has you recoiling in horror, then don’t ever think that there might be something strange about you! Everyone has their own boundaries and things that they’re comfortable with — and that’s fine! When you’re trying to have a relaxing experience (particularly one that you’ve paid for) you should always feel in control, and there’s nothing wrong with politely voicing your discomfort. Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry (including myself) will tell you that we’d rather know about anything we can fix immediately if it means we can save your whole experience with us. The main purpose of a massage in Barbados is to make you relaxed and happy, and your therapist will respect your boundaries if you ask them to, but they’re not mind readers!

‘Hard’ is not a universal term

Personally, I like a massage that borderline hurts. The kind of massage which is occasionally painful during the treatment, but that makes you feel like a zen jellyfish after. As such, I like to ask for a hard massage, but that is not a universal term. One person’s version of a hard massage can be another person’s version of feather light, and it’s only by asking for what you want that you’ll get it. Like I said before, your therapist isn’t a mind reader, and to make the most of your experience you have to be honest!

Location matters

Both expensive and cheap massages can fall into the same trap — strange locations. From the most spacious of open air spas to shoebox massage studios a great experience can be made, or spoiled by the location. The memory that sticks with me is being midway through an aromatherapy massage in the tiniest of studios, on a cloud of relaxation… and then the table spun. Literally spun. Face down on the table, you can imagine my suprise as the hazy, peaceful bubble I was calling home was shattered. Up until that moment, I had been having a great time and would have recommended that location to my friends, but now, I’ll pay twice the price to check out the location I’m trusting with my relaxation first. We really have to take good care of our body. Travelling and having a spa is food for the soul. Professionals from Facial Rock Hill SC provides excellent service to keep you relax.

There’s nothing wrong with a classic

Finally, there are a lot of fads out there, including in the world of massage. To try and grab a few more bookings in a week you’ll find strange twists on classic treatments, and some of these are amazing, others… less so. If you know what you like, and what you want, then you should never feel pressured into changes or supposed ‘improvements’ that you just don’t want. As with every lesson I’ve learned, this is about making the most of the experience you’ve signed up for. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and politely making your wishes known!

The worst thing in the world would be to have one bad experience and to let this put you off forever, because massages are wonderful, and we’ll forever champion a great one. So ask for what you want, because you deserve to feel like a zen jellyfish too.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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