You probably reside in Spain or you are there for the holidays or vacation. However, you are trying to reduce your transportation cost. The cost of Transportation increases every day, sometimes you might have plans of going to the mall, going to meet a friend, or just going sightseeing. But one thing stands in the way, which is the cost of transportation that would take you to get to where you are going.

Cut the Cost of Transportation in Spain

Listed below are 5 ways you can reduce your cost of transportation in Spain.

Taking a walk

Walking is one of the easiest ways to reduce your cost of transportation. When you walk, you do not spend a dime, and also walking is a good form of exercise. Apart from the fact that walking reduces transportation costs, it also allows you to see a lot of amazing places.

Using a bike

Using a bike reduces the cost of transportation is a great way. In Spain, there are bikes that you could rent to move around. These bikes are affordable to rent, and they are always close by. When using a bike, it becomes easier to move through traffic, so if you have an appointment you do not have to be scared of getting there late.

Using a Bus

Every day, buses move in numerous directions in Spain and are a great way to reduce the cost of transportation. When using a bus, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. Using a bus also allows you to relax while enjoying a bus ride.

Car Pool

You might not like to use the bus, ride a bike, or walk. However, carpooling is an amazing way to save your transportation cost. You might be wondering what it means to carpool. Carpooling is a situation where you tag along with someone who is driving a car and is headed in the same route or direction as you are. Carpooling is also an amazing way to meet new people.

Car Rental

A great way to save transportation costs is using Car rental services. In Spain, there are a lot of Car rental services that give cars for rent at affordable prices. One such Car rental service is DelPaso. Delpaso is a car rental service in Spain that gives out cars for rent at amazing prices. Renting a car is a good way to save on the cost of transportation, especially if you are just arriving in Spain for the first time. For example, if you are just arriving in Spain, and you require a car to move your way around, here is something you could do. Before you start traveling, you could book a car rental Malaga Airport, so that when you land, a car will be available for you to drive.


There are so many ways to save your transportation cost in Spain. In this article, five amazing ways were outlined and they include; taking a walk, using a bike, using a bus, carpooling, and finally car rental Malaga Airport. Everyone is always trying to save, and an amazing way to do that is to ensure that the cost of transportation is reduced.


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