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5 Ways to Revamp Your Fashion Style

5 Ways to Revamp Your Fashion Style

To say that you're bored by your wardrobe is an understatement.

May 21st, 2021

To say that you’re bored by your wardrobe is an understatement. And to say you’re not exactly overflowing with cash is also an understatement.

Here’s some great news, though: It’s quite feasible to revamp your fashion style and update your closet in a way that’s not only fun but is also budget-friendly. For example, consider the following ideas:

1. Get Rid of Stuff You Never Wear

The first step is to go through your closet and drawers and decide whether to donate or toss away clothes you haven’t worn in years, don’t fit you well, or no longer spark joy. This may mean donating those designer jeans you bought on sale that you truly don’t love, but keeping the comfortable sweatshirt featuring your college mascot — and that’s fine. If you can consign any of these pieces, all the better. This way, you can spend any money you make on new clothes.

2. Next, Give Some Pieces a Makeover

As you rifle through your clothes, be on the lookout for items you adore but which need a bit of a makeover. For instance, you may love that long, cotton sundress but wish it were shorter. If you’re handy with alterations, hem it into a shorter midi dress. You can also jazz up your existing wardrobe with appliques, fabric dye and/or some bling to your plain clothes to match your sparkly personality. This will help bring new life to some of your pieces and save you money in the process.

3. Invest in Some New Go-To Pieces

Once you’ve pared down your clothing and revamped what you have left, it’s time to go shopping for some new pieces that will help show off your unique personality in a fun way. As you search for what to buy, look for clothing that not only looks great on you and makes you feel happy but is also reasonably priced. For instance, if you’ve always wanted a little black dress to wear to parties, on dates and/or for a fun night on the town with your girlfriends, by all means, treat yourself to one.

4. Don’t Forget Accessories

Another effective and budget-friendly way to revamp your style is by purchasing some new accessories that can add a touch of pizazz to your existing wardrobe. For instance, to dress up that fuchsia cotton T-shirt paired with navy capris, you could add a colorful scarf either around your neck or as a casual hair tie. Other ways to rev up your wardrobe are with statement earrings, layered bracelets or rings and/or a new handbag in a gorgeous color. Search online for sales on designer handbags and you may be able to score a beautiful and durable bag at a reasonable price.

5. Find Inspiration in Others

While you definitely want to embrace your unique style and update your wardrobe with pieces that speak to you, there’s nothing wrong with combing through magazines and scouring social media for additional inspiration. Other ways to find inspiration for new outfits is by watching movies or TV shows. In fact, as you binge-watch your way through a show on Netflix, you might find yourself wanting to borrow some fashion elements from a favorite character or two.

Have Fun with Your New Look

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to revamp your wardrobe and upping its fun factor a bit. Fortunately, by giving some of your existing items a makeover, buying new clothes you can wear often, springing for some new accessories, and looking to others for inspiration, you’ll still be able to both revamp your wardrobe and pay your bills.



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