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5 Ways To Sleep Better

Don’t give up on your dreams!

Don’t give up on your dreams!

Get the best sleep of your life in 5 steps

Sleep, it’s a simple concept and we all know it’s the key to feeling and looking your best, as well as giving you the get up and go to be your most vibrant self in work and play. Yet a recent survey by the Sleep Council tells us that the over 30% of Brits are suffering from poor sleep. From insomnia, a snoring partner, anxiety or the dreaded blue light, otherwise known as a last minute social media fix before bed, focusing on sleep is the latest trend.

The wellness industry is taking sleep more seriously than ever before as it goes back to basics and promotes slumber as the ultimate luxury. From old school relaxation methods to supplements, wearable tech and a race for the most comfortable mattress or your own personal sleep coach, the options are endless. Getting a good night’s sleep under your belt can boost appetite, memory and sex drive, so schedule in some serious nap time.

Here at #TeamCoco we are dedicated to our beauty sleep and we have put in in the hard zzz’s to bring you our 5 top tips on sending you straight to snoozeville.


Finding a ritual that really works for you can transform your bedtime routine, although this may not be possible every night, incorporating small touches into your evening routine can help you relax and unwind. From lighting a scented candle whilst you prepare for bed, to investing in a pillow spritz infused with scented oils, create a Sunday Sanctuary in your bedroom to start the week on the right foot and bounce out of bed come Monday morning. We love Neom Organics Scent to Sleep range, made with essential oils including English lavender and chamomile. If you are a jet-setter you can also recreate your bed time ritual wherever you are in the world to overcome jetlag and maintain sleep patterns.


Whatever your bedtime attire, from a favourite pair of pjs to those who prefer au naturel, get comfortable before bedtime. Picking out an outfit for bed, not only mentally prepares you for sleep but ensures you will have a more restful night’s sleep. Want to up your sleepwear game? Check out Desmond & Dempsey who offer a range of luxurious options. Mentally and physically do what you need to wind down, make a cup of herbal tea or pop on your favourite face mask and also check the temperature of your bedroom. Hot, cold and draughty rooms can impact on sleep, the ideal temperature is 16-18 C (60-65 F).


Try to substitute the hour before bed of work, TV or scrolling through social to something more relaxing. Not only does the blue light stop you from releasing melatonin, it also throws off your biological clock. Instead, reach for that book you have been meaning to read for the last 3 months, or should you feel tiredness setting in already (excellent!) then why not give an audible book a go. Expect a huge selection of titles and some very soothing tones to help you drift off without even having to turn the page.


Using the time before bed if you have it can be a great time for self-reflection, to prioritise goals, realign yourself and to enjoy a moment of calm. Anxiety is one of the main reasons for sleepless nights, so keep a pad and paper by the bed to jot down notes before you go to sleep. Put down whatever you like, challenges, to do lists, anything which is on your mind at that moment in time, or during the night. This is also a great time to meditate to calm an energetic mind, or for those of us who find meditation a challenge rather than a release, simply listening to a relaxing piece of music or trying a basic breathing technique can also be a great start.


If you have tried everything and you still aren’t feeling snoozy, try reaching for a Somnox Sleep Robot, founded by ex-robotics engineers, they have designed the robot to incorporate four key functions; breathing, sound, affection and comfort. The Somnox Sleep Robot’s breathing function subconsciously influences you to breathe with the device. This slower, regular breathing pattern, paired with soothing sounds promotes a more meditative state of mind, which in turn encourages you to fall asleep faster, minimising stress and allowing for a longer and better night’s sleep. Not convinced? You can even try one out at Somnex, London’s first ever sleep show, coming in October!