Did you start out 2020 with some big personal health goals? Did you vow to stay active, stay fit, and really put your personal well-being first this year? While those may have seemed like great goals at the start of the year, in typical 2020 fashion, things may not have gone as planned. Throughout the year people have been staying home more often than ever before in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, and with that your personal health and fitness goals may have fallen by the wayside.

But as the year winds down, why not take this opportunity to re-assess and find some fun ways to stay active at home. These will be especially important with the winter weather that is starting to settle in across the country, forcing people indoors and out of the cold. Here are some ideas you may want to add to your routine.

Exergaming – Yes Those Video Games Can Keep You Active

If you happen to have a video game console in the home, it’s time to look at it with fresh eyes. The term “exergaming” is all about combining exercise with video games. There are a number of video games that will require you to get up and get moving, which means you’ll be burning calories and getting in a workout.

What’s really fun about these styles of video games is that the whole family can take part, these aren’t just for adults. Everyone will be so busy competing and having a good time that the fact they are exercising doesn’t feel obvious.

A Golf Net – Enjoy Your Favorite Sport All Year Round

If golfing is your sport of choice there’s no reason to put the clubs away just because winter is almost here. This list of the best golf nets gives you all the information you need to pick the perfect golf net for your home. You’ll be able to practice your swing all winter long, staying fit and in shape and ready to hit the links once the temperatures warm up next year. It’s also a great way to improve your form and stance so that you’ll be even better in 2021.

Make Use of Online Exercise Classes and Tutorials

There are also a number of online exercise classes and tutorials that you can make use of, many of which don’t require any workout equipment. Whether you sign up for a local class that is taking place online, or you just look for free videos to follow, these can keep you entertained and in shape.

If you have kids, then you’ll want to look for kid-specific content as it’s easier for them to follow, and typically has entertainment value built in so it keeps their attention.

Household Tasks and Chores Can Also Keep You Fit

Did you also know the basic household tasks and chores can also help you to burn calories and stay fit? All that housecleaning will certainly give you a workout, and even cooking up a big meal in the kitchen where you’re on your feet and moving around a lot will count as activity.

Get Yourself a Standing Desk for Working at Home

This year has seen a lot of people working from home for the first time ever, which can leave you feeling pretty lazy. Rather than sitting at your desk for hours at a time, why not invest in a standing desk. Simply by standing you will burn more calories, and it has all kinds of other health benefits too.

Get Active While at Home

All of these tips will help you to get active and stay fit even if you’re at home the majority of the time.


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