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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship Through Fitness

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship Through Fitness

If you are involved in a committed, healthy relationship, it may well be the case both of you take what you have for granted.

January 17th, 2019

If you are involved in a committed, healthy relationship, it may well be the case both of you take what you have for granted. The well-worn adage, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ seems tailor-made for this situation. But whether you recently connected on a this site or have been an item for some time, there are always ways to strengthen your bond, and one of the least obvious ones is through fitness. If you and your partner focus on looking after your health, this is bound to impact on your overall sense of wellbeing. Also, don’t forget to give them a gift like equipment they can use during exercise, such as the best athletic socks, workout clothes or even water bottles just to make them happier. Here are five recommendations for bringing a fitness regime into your relationship in order to strengthen it.

Regular exercise

The first aspect to concentrate on is to ensure this becomes a consistent aspect of your partnership. It’s all very well being fired with enthusiasm, perhaps as one of your New Year resolutions, and taking out the joint gym membership in order to get this kickstarted. But a huge percentage of these new commitments fizzle out after a few months. You should plan a specific regime from the outset, agreeing when you are going to visit the leisure center, or embark on your evening runs, or whatever type of activity you have opted for. Sticking to this timetable is so important, as it gives your program focus, giving formality to something which could otherwise be treated lightly.


Since you are treating this within the context of your partnership, it should always be regarded as a joint pursuit.Whether you are encouraging each other to exercise, accompanying your partner as you jog across the park, or simply enjoying unwinding to keep-fit footage on your TV screen, sharing in the experience is a fantastic incentive. When one party begins flagging, the other will always be on hand to offer encouragement. Having a sense there is someone there keeping an eye on you, supporting your exertions, will be a tremendous inspiration.

Plan for something

Regular gym workouts can slip into a routine, with running on treadmills giving the impression of trundling along aimlessly. But having future goals in mind will incentivize your actions. It’s always worthwhile having a longer-term aspiration. Whether this is a particular target for weight loss or a vision of new wardrobe you will treat yourself to once you have reached a certain body shape; or better still, a charity sporting event which will involve you attaining a level of sponsorship, milestones are invaluable in encouraging you to fixate on your fitness regime.

Try out different techniques

Repetition is the enemy of enjoyment when it comes to making the most of your fitness activities. There is no point setting aside time to go to the gym or whatever if it gets to the stage where you find yourself making excuses to avoid the drudgery. It is so important to look upon leisure pursuits as fun and enjoyable. So always seek to inject whatever you are doing with spontaneity and change. Try out different equipment at the gym. Join a new martial arts club. Keep varying your activities.

Reward your efforts

Similarly, it is also worthwhile rewarding yourself at various stages. This is another method which will give you an incentive to keep plugging away at your fitness activities. After having spent time working out, you could treat yourself to healthy refreshments at a nearby café. You and your partner could indulge in a weekend break every few months, perhaps to a water park or ski resort. There are many different ways you could create your own alternative to an Olympic awards ceremony to pat yourselves on the back.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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