A year of tier changes, lockdown, and a constant need to adapt has meant we have all had to create new routines. Like everyone else, my world today is very different to how it was 12 months ago and as a result I have had to be kind to myself, remember that I am not operating at the same level I was pre-COVID-19 and adjust my wellness routine to reflect this.

Making small changes to your daily routine can help boost your emotional wellbeing and support your mindset in tricky times. Here are my top five wellness routines to help get you through lockdown.

Slow Mornings

Gone are the days of dashing for the train to work and grabbing a coffee on the go. Make the most of being at home and create a slow morning routine that will set you up for the day and put you in a calm space. Wake up at the same time but instead of spending 90 minutes commuting, use that time for a workout or to make a tasty nutritious breakfast. Plan your day with a cup of tea in bed, write down your to-do-list and set your intentions for a dose of clarity and positivity.

Tune out

Tune out from all the negative news and instead get lost in a good book. Reading relieves stress as it diverts your attention and stops you from thinking too much. Try and take some time out over lunch to read a few chapters and relax.

Taste the World

While we currently cannot travel, experience new cultures through cuisine. Use your evenings to cook up delicious, dishes from around the globe. Recreate that amazing Paella from Seville or transport yourself to a bustling Jamaican beach bar with some home cooked Jerk Chicken. Cooking is also great way of being mindful as it requires you to focus and be present. Global cooking might even inspire you to book your next trip.

Exercise to Reflect your Mood

WFH can leave you sedentary so getting 30 mins of exercise a day is essential to boosting your wellbeing. Build your exercise around your mood and listen to your body. If you need to wind down after a busy day then try yoga or if you are feeling tense from back-to-back Zoom calls, lace up your trainers and hit the street for a run.

Night Walk

After dinner wrap up and take a brisk 45-minute walk. This is a great way to decompress and clear your head. Listen to a positive podcast, some of my favourites include On Purpose with Jay Shetty or Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. If you do not fancy a podcast use the walk to focus on all the things you are grateful for. A night walk will help you wind down and tire you before bed.

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