You wear sunglasses every day, but do you ever really think about why? Sunglasses are an essential accessory to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They also help reduce glare and boost contrast for a clearer view of the world around you. Most importantly, they can prevent damage to your eyes that could lead to vision problems later in life. But with so many options on the market these days, how do you know which ones are right for you? In this guide, we’ll cover all of the features and considerations when buying sunglasses – from material types to frame shapes – so that finding your perfect pair is as easy as 1-2-3!

Frame Material

If you’re considering what sunglasses to purchase, the material of the frame is an important feature to keep in mind. It often impacts the price and durability of the sunglasses you’re looking at, and it can also affect how they fit on your face. Even among wholesale sunglasses, it is important to pay attention to the product description and materials mentioned. The two most common materials are plastic and metal.

Plastic Sunglasses

Plastic frames are often made from nylon blends or polycarbonate resins like TR-90, which makes them durable yet lightweight. They scratch less easily than metal but are more prone to damage if dropped.

Metal Sunglasses

Metal framed sunglasses are often made from stainless steel or titanium. They are usually lightweight, durable, and less likely to scratch than plastic lenses. However, they are more susceptible to dents if dropped.

Frame Shape

When choosing sunglasses it is important to consider the frame shape. There are several different frame shapes including Wayfarer, Aviator, Clubmaster, and Rectangle.


The Aviator is an iconic shape of sunglasses that quickly made its debut in pop culture after being used by the military in the 20th century. They come in two styles – the Aviator and Wayfarer. The key difference is the curvature of the lenses. The Aviator style has a more dramatic curve to its lens, resulting in more coverage, while the Wayfarer style is flatter, with tapered edges that leave more exposure around your eyes.


The Rectangle frame shape is perfect for men with a square jawline. It gives a sharp, masculine look and is often worn by politicians and business people alike.

The Clubmaster is similar to the Rectangle shape but has rounded edges that add a more casual feel. They come in many different metal finishes including silver, gold, gunmetal, & black nickel.


Aside from the material and shape you choose, it is important to consider what styles are available in your size. Sunglasses come in three main sizes-small, medium, and large. Small sunglasses are best suited for smaller face shapes while large sunglasses offer more coverage around the eyes when worn by people with larger features.


You may also want to consider the price of your sunglasses. There is a wide range of prices depending on the brand and what you plan to use them for. More expensive brands tend to be more durable and polarized, allowing better protection from UV rays and glare, while less expensive glasses tend to scratch more easily and may not block as much harmful light.


Sunglasses typically come with either polarized or non-polarized lenses that will impact the amount of light that enters your eyes. Non-polarized lenses allow more light than polarized lenses but are not as effective at blocking glare and harmful UV rays. If you plan on driving while wearing your sunglasses, polarized lenses are recommended to reduce glare which can cause eye strain and fatigue.


Finally, you’ll want to look into the color of your sunglasses. This is a personal choice that depends on your personal style and what you plan to use them for. If they’re only used during bright daylight hours, nearly any color will work. However, if you plan to also use them at night or in low-light conditions it’s best to choose a darker color. You should also consider other accessories you might wear such as hats and shirts so that your sunglasses coordinate with other items in your outfit.

Sunglasses are an important fashion accessory that can be used to complete your look. They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays while also adding character to your appearance. To create a flattering look, it’s best to consider several factors when choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for your style, fit, and price. When you’re choosing sunglasses, it’s more than just “looks.” You need to find a pair that fits your lifestyle and taste.

Once you’ve considered the type of lenses, frame material, style, and fit, you should have a better idea about what sunglasses to purchase. Now all that’s left is to get out there and try on some shades!


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