If you love films, TV and travelling, combine them, and you get the perfect mixture. There are many locations worldwide that double up as beautiful holiday destinations while also satisfying your passion for Hollywood. Add a little magic to your life by visiting your favourite film or TV show’s filming locations.

It is possible to enter the magical world of Harry Potter, to bring the Ring to Mordor, and walks the same streets as the Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens. If this all seems like heaven to you, here are the most famous filming locations you can actually visit.

  1. Lord of the Rings, New Zealand

Ever wanted the challenge of carrying the Ring to Mount Doom? If so, book your flights to New Zealand and try your hand at re-living the infamous Lord of the Rings trilogy. Matamata, located on the North Island, was the backdrop to the Shire (its 44 hobbit holes are open for tours), while Mount Ngauruhoe doubled as Mount Doom.

  1. Breaking Bad, Albuquerque

As all super fans will know, Breaking Bad was filmed in New Mexico’s Albuquerque, where the TV drama also unravels. Breaking Bad won 16 Emmy Awards, frequents many “Best TV Shows lists,” and if you visit Albuquerque, you can find yourself driving past Jesse Pinkman’s humble abode. What’s more, with the recent news of there being a Breaking Bad film in the works, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s legacy is set to continue. To ensure you keep up with the most recent and latest TV and film news, Slick Kook endeavour to keep their readers in the loop.

Fans of this iconic TV show can walk in the steps of their favourite anti-hero, Walter White. There is the choice of taking a self-guided tour or being part of the grand Breaking Bad Tour.

  1. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Croatia

When you hear Croatia, you think of Game of Thrones (more on this below) and its infamous King’s Landing. But did you know that Dubrovnik is also a filming location for the casino city, Canto Bight?

The city’s main streets were closed for two weeks and were made over so that it looked like it was from a galaxy far, far away. Nevertheless, Dubrovnik proves once again, that it is a beautiful and intriguing city to visit.

  1. Game of Thrones, Croatia

Whether you identify as a Stark, Lannister or Targaryen, Croatia frequently appears in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Head to King’s Landing (Dubrovnik) and see where Joffery’s terrifying reign began (and ended), or visit Split and see Daenerys’ throne room (located in Diocletian’s Palace). The last stop on your Game of Thrones tour is 20-minutes (by car) from Split’s city centre. The Klis Fortress is, in the Game of Thrones universe, known as Meereen – the greatest city in the Bay of Dragons.

  1. Jaws, Massachusetts, USA

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” Martin Brody infamously says. To this day, fans of the film continue to quote this notorious line. This classic story about a gigantic shark who reigned terror on the people of Amity Island left people terrified of the ocean, but now, those who consider themselves fearless can visit Martha’s Vineyard – specifically, Edgartown, home to “Jaws Bridge.”

  1. Harry Potter, Scotland

Who wasn’t disappointed when their letter from Hogwarts didn’t arrive? Even as adults, Harry Potter remains a magical part of people’s lives, where they hope that one day, they can walk the halls of their favourite school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Of course, there are Harry Potter filming locations throughout the UK, but the most theatrical is the Glenfinnan Viaduct, where the Hogwarts Express travels. You can also visit Loch Eilt, which was used for the Hogwarts grounds.


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