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6 Great Lakes Activities for Kids

6 Great Lakes Activities for Kids

Great lakes are famous for their white sand beaches, stretching over 3800 km only in Canada, and clear fresh water that attracts water activity lovers worldwide.

December 7th, 2021

Great lakes are famous for their white sand beaches, stretching over 3800 km only in Canada, and clear fresh water that attracts water activity lovers worldwide. It is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world with its picturesque views and Niagara Falls. Here you can do both – have active rest wandering the natural sites and relax watching gorgeous sunsets with your loved ones. I can go on and on naming reasons to visit this beautiful place, however, I see it from the perspective of an adult. Nobody will doubt that we, adults, and kids have different ideas of what a perfect vacation should look like. This article will prove that the Great Lakes is an extraordinary summer vacation option not only for grown-ups but for children as well. Here are 6 Great Lakes activities your kids will love.

1. Swimming

Let’s start with the most basic but still fun and entertaining activity associated with water – swimming. I cannot imagine a better place to teach your kids how to swim than on the Great Lakes. It is not as stormy as oceans and seas can get, so you can be calm about the safety of the process. If you are still doubting your ability to teach the kids, ask for help. There is a big team of specialists on every beach that can not only entertain your kids but also give you some relaxation time.

Swimming is great for a number of reasons as it is a tool that helps to raise strong and, most importantly, healthy children. It is beneficial not only for the immune system and overall health but also gives many positive emotions and lifts the mood. No wonder it is so difficult to get the kids out of the water once they learn how to do it.

2. Camping

Camping is really popular lately with both parents and children. It is a perfect activity to change the scenery from skyscrapers and business centers to trees and water.

No wonder, children love camping – the special atmosphere of waking up with the sun, having sandwiches for every meal, learning how to make a fire, and taking some time off all the technology. “Take a break from the routine and let the professionals help you with your paper tasks. Enjoy the precious time with your kids” – advises Melissa Mauro, an expert at TrustMyPaper. And I completely agree with her – there is not going to be a better time to go camping in the Great Lakes than right now.

Believe me, camping in this region is that kind of experience you are going to remember at family dinners once your children will come to visit you. The perfect weather from May to September allows you to fully enjoy a vacation, so it is high time you leave all the work and household tasks at home and come to the Great Lakes.

3. Fishing and Birding

Children love nature as they don’t get to see it much living in a big city. Fishing is not only about having a new skill, but also a great way to spend time outside together. It is fun and truly thrilling to have a fish smacking the lure. The Great Lakes provide many places designed to go fishing, so it is a perfect opportunity to give your kids a chance to experience something new and exciting.

Birding is a great activity for many reasons – it is easy, fun, and free! The Great Lakes have plenty of habitats, both coastal and forest, where you can watch millions of birds.

4. Spending a Day at a Farm

The Great Lakes are not only about water and beaches. If you go a little further from the coastline, you’ll see that the region includes many interesting places that kids are going to love. There is nothing like spending the weekend on a Wisconsin or Michigan farm.

Walk through the rows of fruit trees and let your kids fill up on freshly grown apples or pears. That is something you don’t get a chance to try living in a busy metropolis spending days and nights working and studying. Leave your paperwork to Supreme Dissertations and pack for the big trip now!

5. Cruising

Cruising is fun at any age, as it is a lot different from what we usually experience. Watch your kids’ reaction when they see only water around themselves – the excitement they get is adorable. Most cruises include video game rooms, pools or even water parks, interactive shows for kids, and more. Basically, it is a big floating city – they have everything they need in one place.

A cruise is also a perfect place for your kid to interact with other children doing all the activities mentioned above. In a few days on the ship, they can make good friends and have much fun spending time with them.

Cruising in the Great Lakes allows you to see many places – from Victorian-era towns with captivating history to little French Canadian villages.

6. Canoeing and Kayaking

Going back to water activities, canoeing and kayaking are among the most popular activities now and an integral part of the Great Lakes experience. The team of professionals will make sure your kids are 100% safe, so there is nothing to worry about. It is a thrilling form of exercise that gives you and your children truly unique emotions.

Choosing between canoeing and kayaking for kids, I would choose canoeing as canoes are stable and can accommodate up to 3 kids plus adults.

To sum it up, the Great Lakes is a great vacation choice for both kids and their parents. The variety of activities and emotions the children get to experience is a reason you should consider going to at least one of the lakes. I highly recommend spending the whole week there, as you are not going to have enough time to do at least half of the things from the article in just a weekend. Let the kids connect with nature and teach them how to love and appreciate what we have around us. The Great Lakes is perfect for that.



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