Residential living is a safe way to go, but things can get boring if you don’t jazz them up every now and then. This doesn’t mean that we should renovate our home every other month, but repurposing is a great idea for the new season.

Whether you’re living in the Bay Area or have one of these delightful homes for rent, changing up your surroundings could be a refreshing project for everyone concerned. Not sure where to start? Why not begin with the tips below:

Wainscoting and Trims

If you’re looking to make a great first impression, focus on the classic elements of design. If you already have the walls in a color you like, consider adding in some proper trims and wainscoting to finish off the effect. There are even some DIY tutorials available to help you out with this, so make sure you check them out beforehand.

Painting the Doors

Granted, changing the doors altogether will give your home that brand-new feel. This might cost quite a bundle, though, so painting or polishing is the next best option. Go for some unusual colors, or have some contrast with your present color to make things a bit exciting.

Consider all your doors for this particular project, especially the front door. Some homeowners even consider painting their front door black for a classy, safe, yet eye-catching result.

Embellishing the Cabinets

You might not want the mess of painting every time, so why not embellish those faded kitchen cabinets for a unique new look? You can even try adding a trim first, and then painting in order to minimize the job.

Another quick upgrade is to change up the hardware, such as the hinges, closing mechanism, and handles. You may even consider replacing panes of glass with some wooden panels so that the world isn’t looking into your storage! You can also use vinyl siding insulation to create beautiful exterior.

Mixing Old With New

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New and modern décor might get boring after some time, so see how you can mix things up with your old, vintage items. Rescue some antique pieces from the thrift shop or your own attic, and see how these pieces can become treasures. Curation might take a little time, but the results could become one of your most valued possessions.

Learning Skills

Some repairing and woodworking skills always come in handy for interesting lively home décor. Learn how to use power tools so you can create your own items for decorating on a budget.

You might have to go out of your comfort zone in this matter, but the results will be worth it. There’s no need to get expensive repairs done all the time when it’s absolutely possible to DIY here and there. Learn how to repurpose that thrift market steal you got, and get a lovely addition for your living room at no additional cost.

Going For Some Versatile Shades

When deciding the color of your walls, it’s always best to choose a shade that you can play around with. The staying power should also be excellent, so invest a little now and rest easy for the next decade at least.

Grays and light browns might be a good option here, as they’ll be a warm tone in the cold season and cool in the summer. These shades are also in the neutral zone, so you can change up your furniture or accessories without worrying too much about matching the walls.

It’s Time To Get Started

The projects above are the high-impact kind. These will not take much from your pocket but provide a luxury effect that will delight residents and guests alike. Get started on your favorite tip right away!


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