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6 Reasons to Start Hoarding Sterling Silver Pendants

6 Reasons to Start Hoarding Sterling Silver Pendants

There is a popular misconception that silver jewelry is expensive. This is probably because silver has been associated with luxury for many decades.

February 19th, 2020

There is a popular misconception that silver jewelry is expensive. This is probably because silver has been associated with luxury for many decades. Have you ever heard of the phrase “silver spoon?” In many cultures, silver was a symbol of wealth and status. In some cultures, wealthy godparents gave a silver spoon to their godchildren at baptismal ceremonies to symbolize success.

To date, silver remains a valuable metal, especially to jewelers. When used to make jewelry, the silver creates accessories that can be both trendy and timeless. And the best part is that it isn’t as expensive as diamond and gold. Sterling silver is the most popular form of silver used to make jewelry. It has a high percentage of pure silver (92.5 percent) and metal alloys (7.5 percent). Sterling silver is used to make all types of jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, and sterling silver pendants.Sterling silver pendants are an excellent choice, especially for jewelry hoarders. Here’s why.

Sterling Silver Pedants are Extremely Durable

The durability of sterling silver can only be compared to that of other precious metals such as gold and diamond. Sterling silver pendants can last a lifetime if you take good care of them. About the price, sterling silver is indeed more expensive than most of the other metals used to make jewelry. But the price is worth it considering you are getting a piece of jewelry that you can pass to the future generations. To ensure that you are getting the real deal, always buy from established companies. An authentic 925 sterling silver pendant has imprinted markings showing that it’s the real silver. Look out for the trademarks 9.25, 925, sterling, or sterling silver to differentiate between real sterling silver and the regular silver.

Sterling Silver Pendants are Trendy

The best thing about buying sterling silver pendants is that you will always keep up with the trends. Remember that silver has been used since ancient times and it has never been out of fashion. Jewelers are still coming up with new designs to keep up with the current trends. Keeping a few pieces of sterling silver will ensure that you are sorted regardless of the current fashion trends.

Sterling Silver Pedants Come in Different Styles

Silver is a relatively soft metal. It’s easily malleable, which allows jewelers to express their artisanal capabilities. With a variety of styles, you can be sure that you will always get a sterling silver pendant to suit your style. Consumers are no longer limited to the old concepts. Modern jewelers are producing different variations for sterling silver pendants to cater to the needs of modern consumers.

Sterling Silver Pedants Are Incredibly Versatile

You can wear sterling silver pendants to any occasion, and you will still look fabulous. You can wear them with a casual dinner outfit, office meeting, or even during your friend’s birthday party. Sterling silver pendants will add a classy touch to any outlook.Their versatility extends to how they easily blend with other metals. If you want to add sterling silver jewelry to a collection of diamond and gold pieces, you don’t need to worry. Sterling silver will match these accessories without a problem.

Sterling Silver Pedants are Hypoallergic

Sterling silver pendants are a great choice, especially to individuals allergic to metals such as nickel and brass. Sterling silver is relatively inactive, and it doesn’t cause skin reactions.Sterling silver contains 7.5 percent alloy metals, which is usually copper. Therefore, you can don you, silver pedant, without worrying about skin reactions.

Sterling Silver Pedants Are Easy to Maintain

Many people avoid sterling silver pendants because they tarnish easily. It cannot be very pleasant to see your precious jewel turn color when it sits in the jewel box for too long. However, it good to know it’s normal for sterling silver to tarnish with time, especially if you don’t wear it often. The good news is that you can restore the original shine by polishing it with a soft cloth or cleaning it with varnish.

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