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6 Rental Tents Suitable For Events

Traditional Pole Tents These tents have been a principal choice in the rental industry, and it’s no surprise. They are ideally styled for all types of events.
Party tents are a great way to have a small space where people can get together, have fun, and celebrate. Some parties don’t need a large area to fit their guests, so renting a party tent is a great option. These tents in general are simple to set up and they allow everything to be stored and easily organized so that you don’t have to worry about anything. It can really be fun for both you and your guests when you host a party. Whether it is for a birthday, a holiday family gathering, or even if you just want to hang out with friends and watch the game, party tents are an easy space where people can get together without the need for a lot of furniture or spending money.

Traditional Pole Tents

These tents have been a principal choice in the rental industry, and it’s no surprise. They are ideally styled for all types of events. They consist of high peaks and are available in a wide range of sizes and widths. These tents are typically used for larger events, i.e., corporate picnics, fundraisers, weddings, etc. They can be fitted with pole skirts and fabric draping for a more elegant look, and they are also suitable for casual parties. The only disadvantage is that they take up significant space since staking is a vital part of the installation, and the inside view is often obstructed by the center poles that are supporting the tent on the inside. They can be equipped with various styles of sidewalls.

Canopy Tents

These tents are perfect for significant events such as flea markets, carnivals, community events, etc. since the events don’t require tents that have to be aesthetically attractive. Your canopy tents are regular tents that provide shelter against light rain or sunlight. They don’t have high peaks and can have a flat roof style depending on the size. These lightweight tents don’t have sidewalls and are not suitable for protection against strong winds or heavy rainfall. When you’re considering party tents for hire, the smaller canopies are a well-liked choice for smaller backyard parties as they don’t require complicated installation.

Cross Cable Framed Tents

When you have a venue that consists of surfaces other than grass or dirt, these tents are the appropriate choice. They have no center poles and don’t require staking. Therefore, they can be installed in areas like pavement, decks, concrete, patios, etc. They feature high peaks and are designed to withstand higher volumes of wind. They are an exceptional option when you are looking for a different layout since they can be joined together to form T-shaped or L-shaped tents. Sidewalls can be installed which make them ideal for various events with less than a hundred guests, including engagements, backyard parties, smaller weddings, and showers.

Sailcloth Tents

These tents have sculpted eaves and peaks with translucent fabric. These elegant tents are waterproof and durable to withstand the elements. Sailcloth tents are available in either frame or pole versions and are a popular choice for events as they are distinct and were initially inspired by a nautical theme. They feature two center poles in different heights which are referred to as Queen poles and King poles.

Structure Tents

They have no center poles and has a durable aluminum frame to protect against high winds. They are supported by a tension sidewall system and require no stake or rope lines. They are perfect for long-term use.

Dome Tents

These tents are incessant air structures and require one or more blowers attached and running continuously. They are distinct and are an excellent choice for event registration, product previews, and fun, and games, etc. They are usually not a good choice for dining or food applications that require and open flame for cooking. They can be staked into the grass or weighted when used on pavement or concrete. If you happen to lose power, they will quickly deflate.