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6 Tips for Budget Travel to a Nearby Island

Traveling is a very fun and exciting activity that everyone would want to experience.

Traveling is a very fun and exciting activity that everyone would want to experience. Who wouldn’t want to travel to exotic and beautiful islands, but the problem is that many people don’t have the budget for such travels or at least they think that they don’t.

Actually, traveling to exotic islands and enjoying your time does not have to be very expensive. If you have the proper information and you employ the right traveling techniques, you can travel to any location on a tight budget.

Today I am going to tell you about some of my best techniques that have allowed me to travel to many exotic island locations on a budget. Check them out so that you too can enjoy some fantastic travel experiences, without worrying about your budget.

Find Accommodations Other Than a Resort

When we hear about an island vacation, the first picture that comes to mind is a lavish and relaxing island resort. Resorts may be relaxing, but for the authentic travel experience of an island, you need to choose accommodation methods other than expensive resorts.

Firstly, you should look for traveler’s hostels. These hostels are very cheap, and you get to meet a lot of amazing people at them. If you can’t find any good hostels, you can also look for Airbnb apartments. If you want some extreme adventure, then you can also try out camping for a couple of nights. Camping will allow you to save money and have an amazing experience as well.

In short, most island resorts are completely overrated, so choose an alternative accommodation for the budget-friendly and authentic travel experience

Make a Travel Vlog to Finance Your Trips

One of the best ways to travel around the world for free is creating a travel vlog. Travel vlogs are very popular on the web and many people don’t just finance their trips, but also make a lot more money through their travel vlogs.

Though making a YouTube channel is a very effective way to finance your travels, it is not very simple. You may be wondering how to make a successful YouTube career for traveling? Well, the answer is simple. You need to put some work and effort into it, but you have to start from somewhere. So, record all of your experiences on your island vacation and create an epic vlog for your YouTube channel.

Also, you will need to have some quality equipment if you are going to make a vlog. You will need a good quality camera, a mic and a laptop for the starter. You can also buy a drone camera, which will allow you to make some breathtaking videos of the island.

I know that all of this equipment may seem like a heavy investment, and it will take a lot of effort to make a vlog. But if you stick to it, you can make way more money from a vlog that you spent on the trip and the equipment. And if you start a successful travel vlog channel on YouTube, you can make traveling your full-time job. Wouldn’t that be the best job ever?

Choose the Ideal Time for Your Trip

Another way to save money, especially when you are traveling to an island destination is by choosing the right time for your trip. In the summer, most island destinations have the best weather, but the flights and travel packages are usually quite expensive. While, in the winter, the packages and flights are cheap, but the water is usually rough.

You should plan your trip after the end of winter when the sea is not as rough, and there is a decent chance of sunny days, but the prices are still low because the prime travel season hasn’t started. You can save a lot of money by choosing the right time for traveling.

Try the Street Food and Local Restaurants

After the flight and accommodation, the aspect of travel that costs a lot of money is the food. If you live and eat at a resort hotel, of course, the meals aren’t going to be budget-friendly. In my opinion, the actual cuisine of a place can be experienced through the street food.

The street food is usually very cheap and super delicious as well. You can also check out some small local restaurants instead of the resort, for more authentic and inexpensive food. Also, try not to waste too much money on unnecessary snacks if you want to have a budget-friendly trip.

Select a Less Visited Location

The location you choose to visit, of course, has a major effect on the pricing. If you visit islands like Hawaii or Tahiti, of course, you will have to spend some extra money. But, if you visit island locations like the Maldives, you can actually save a lot of money.

Choosing locations with lesser travelers has a lot of advantages. Apart from being inexpensive, you can find a lot of amazing sites at these travel destinations, which are not packed with other travelers. Even if you are at a mainstream location, you should venture off the beaten paths to save money and find some incredible places instead.

Embrace Public Transport

Another aspect of traveling to a new country that costs a significant amount of money is driving to different places. Many people don’t know the ways, so they have to move around in taxis. It can cost them a lot of money, and in many locations, taxi drivers tend to scam foreigners. These days, you can use a ride-sharing app like Uber to move around, but you will need to get a local sim card for that.

If you really want to save a significant amount of money, then you should consider using public transport. The public transport is usually significantly cheaper, and they also let you have an authentic experience of the local life. So, before you leave for your trip to an exotic island, take some time to study the routes of the local public transport of your destination.

About the Author:

Henry Taylor is an IT expert and a researcher. He is obsessed with all the digital accessories and photography. He takes a keen interest in Vlogging and loves to share his photographs on Instagram. He regularly posts at https://cameraseals.com/.