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6 Tips for Designing a Stylish Bathroom

6 Tips for Designing a Stylish Bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom stylish, read this post and learn from some of the tips we’ll share.

May 6th, 2019

If you want to make your bathroom stylish, read this post and learn from some of the tips we’ll share. You do not need to be an expert interior designer to come up with bright ideas for a chic bathroom. A little creativity is all you need! Don’t forget to check out these amazing bathroom suites at victoriaplum for added inspiration. A little creativity is all you need!

  1. Use a Bathtub as the Focal Point

As soon as you enter the bathroom, there is one piece that needs to immediately stand out. This can be your freestanding bathtub. Select a freestanding bathtubwith design and shape that will complement the rest of the bathroom. It does not only improve aesthetics but also gives you a spot to relax after a tiring day. This makes the bathroom feel like a high-end spa.

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  1. Tile Diagonally

Diagonal bathroom tiles will give the bathroom a livelier appearance. This is better compared to parallel and square tiles, which look boring. To add, tiling diagonally also opens up space, which makes it excellent for a small bathroom. The V-shape of the tile will create an opening effect. In contrast, when it has a grid-like pattern, it looks like a jail.

  1. Match the Colors

Before you start designing the bathroom, you need to have a color palette in mind. This gives you an idea on the colors that will be used for the floors, walls, ceiling, sinks, bathtub, and other essentials in the bathroom. This does not mean that everything should be the same color. The key here is to coordinate. Use colors that will perfectly complement each other.

  1. Add Art

Nothing makes a bathroom more stylish than an attractive artwork. However, be careful when hanging artwork. Exposure to moisture and temperature fluctuations will easily damage it. It will be best to have it framed before installing in the bathroom. Also, choose art with warm colors to make the bathroom more relaxing.

  1. Find the Right Mirror

The bathroom is not complete without a mirror. However, rather than using a traditional rectangular mirror, be more unconventional. When choosing a bathroom mirror, pay attention to the size. If you have a vanity, the vanity and the mirror should have the same width. For a large bathroom, especially for the master bath, double mirrors are good.

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter

A stylish bathroom is not just all about the decorative pieces. It is also all about how clean and organized it is. Get rid of the clutter in the countertop or anywhere in the bathroom. Keep all your stuff in the cabinet. If you want to create a seamless look, transfer your shampoo, conditioner, and body washes in containers with a design that complement the bathroom.

Keep in mind our suggestions above to make your bathroom stylish. From adding a bathtub to getting rid of the clutter, these tips will make the bathroom one of your favorite places at home!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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