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6 Tips You Need To Keep In Mind When Travelling With Your Pet Dog

6 Tips You Need To Keep In Mind When Travelling With Your Pet Dog

Planning a trip is a very stressful ordeal, and when you have to include a pet into it, things get a lot messier.

September 16th, 2020

Planning a trip is a very stressful ordeal, and when you have to include a pet into it, things get a lot messier. You have a whole new list of things that you have to worry about, including packing the right equipment for him, checking the flight’s policy regarding pets, and making sure that your pet meets the traveling criteria for the country you are visiting. If you want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with any trouble, you have to pre-plan everything right from the start. For these exact reasons, I am going to highlight six tips that you need to keep in mind when traveling with a pet dog so that everything goes smoothly especially when you’re with a mini golden doodle.

Keep Him Comfortable

Just as you crave comfortability when going on a flight, you have to make sure that you offer them the same thing. While you may be tempted to give them plenty of room on long trips, giving them confined space might be better for their own good. It is better if your dog is trained as it will give them a sense of security and a smaller space will be more durable for him rather than sliding down from one end of the cage to another. How to help your pet adjust to moving home? Take your dog to the new house before you move so they can get used to it and familiarize themselves with the new home and area.

Make Sure You Have All the Correct Paperwork

If you are planning to take a trip with your pet to another country, you might not be able to go far ahead without the right paperwork. Just like you need a visa to visit other countries, you need to get your doctor a few necessary documents. For example, there are a lot of countries that require incoming pets to have an updated death certificate upon arrival. It makes sure that he has all the needed vaccinations and doesn’t have any health complications.

Keep Him Occupied So That He Doesn’t Make Any Noise

We all hate crying babies on a flight, but what’s even worse is pet dogs who have a fear of flying and bark their hearts out. You can keep him busy by giving him a toy so that he can play with it on long trips. My personal favorite way to ensure that my dog doesn’t make any noise is by using an anti-barking device as it is safe to use and does the job easily.

Skip a Meal on Travel Days

It doesn’t matter how accommodating your pet is; he will get anxious as soon as you put him on a plane. Even if your pet has a history of being a good travel companion, you should skip a meal on travel days or give him easy to chew food so that he doesn’t get diarrhea. By doing so, you will make traveling a lot easier for yourself and your pet. However, make sure that you feed him a nice treat when you finally land as he deserves it for being a good boy.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

When traveling, pets can often get dehydrated if you are on a long route. So, you should keep that in mind when traveling and pack extra water for your four-legged friend so that he doesn’t have to suffer. You can also attach a bowl in their crate so that they can drink water whenever they feel the need. Another way to ensure that their body’s liquid level doesn’t fall is to offer them wet food instead of dry as it works like a charm.

Choose Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If you have a habit of booking your hotel along with your flight, you have to pay attention to the hotel’s policy regarding pets. Trust me when I say that you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding a hotel just because they won’t accept your pet dog. There are plenty of hotels that offer the benefit of things like doggie day-care and pet play centers so that you can easily register your pet and roam around the city without having to take care of your furry friend. Make sure that you enquire about your hotel’s pet policy beforehand and only go for a hotel that lets you enjoy all of these benefits.

Laura Bartlett

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