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6 Underrated Strategies to Improve Your Fashion Brand Recall

6 Underrated Strategies to Improve Your Fashion Brand Recall

Cracking the algorithm of search engines and social media is no longer as challenging as it used to be.

December 15th, 2020

Cracking the algorithm of search engines and social media is no longer as challenging as it used to be. Nowadays, practically anyone can go viral by following a formula that has helped influencers dominate in the past couple of years. In fact, going viral is no longer as awe-inspiring as it used to be.

So if your goal is sustained profitability for your fashion brand, one or two viral posts will not move the needle much. You need strong brand recall that will keep your business top-of-mind for your prospects.

You must already know that consistency and repetition is the key to being remembered on social media, but being overt with advertising can also damage your brand in irrepairable ways. Instead, here are some strategies you can employ to strike a deeper connection with clients and earn a spot in their hearts and their shopping carts:

  1. Create a brand narrative

A compelling story creates universal connections that no amount of repetitive advertising can match. Find a story about your brand that will strike a chord with your prospective clients, and leverage that to your advantage.

Some shining examples of companies that have successfully mastered brand-driven storytelling are Apple, with its reliance on the emotional backstory of rebel-genius founder Steve Jobs, and Nike, which amplifies the inspiring stories of world-class athletes like Michael Jordan and Kyrie Irving.

If you are able to build a brand narrative that resonates with a wide audience, you can convert that connection to powerful brand recall and sizable sales.

  1. Provide value for smart online shoppers

Smart online shoppers are not easily persuaded by sweet talk, but they do appreciate brands that provide them extra value for their purchasing power. Giving discount coupons and opening loyalty rewards programs for customers will definitely keep clients thinking about your brand and checking your website for any new promos they can avail.

Joining big shopping holidays like Black Friday sales and 11.11 midnight madness bazaars will put your brand out there, too.

  1. Check what the competition is doing

It might seem counterintuitive to always be on the lookout for what the competition is doing, but this is the best way to identify gaps in the overall brand recall for companies in your industry. Check out other fashion stores and what strategies they are employing for brand recall. Take note of campaigns that worked for them and assess if the same could work for your fashion house, too.

Otherwise, you can exploit gaps in whatever they’re doing to ensure that your strategy is unique and fresh to the eyes of potential clients.

  1. Transform ordinary employees into brand ambassadors

In recent years, celebrity endorsers and influencers have been showing reduced effectiveness in improving brand recall. People now place high value on genuineness, which is why they seek ordinary people with legit, human experiences with brands,

This means the best people to engage in being ambassadors for your brand are your own employees. Remember your brand narrative? Your own employees must have their own, too. When they talk about their jobs to family and friends, they must be able to tell a story that puts your brand in a good light. Transforming employees into brand ambassadors is not difficult if you genuinely care for the people running your operations — and are not afraid to show it.

Treat your people right, run an honest operation, and encourage employees to talk about what it’s like working for your brand. Their context-rich stories will always be worth more than celebrity testimonials that speak nothing of your brand from an emotional, invested point of view.

  1. Provide excellent customer service

Like employees, clients also recall brands that treat them well. Conversely, they never forget negative run-ins with brands and companies that do not put premium on excellent customer service. Without prejudicing your brand and bottomline, always go the extra mile for clients and customers. This way, they would be glad to spread the word about your brand without much prodding from you.

  1. Go back to basics

Not all marketing exists in social media. Do not forget the power of traditional advertising like placing your logo on custom printed labels and company giveaways. People can always curate what they want or don’t want to see online, but physical, tangible reminders of your brand are harder to ignore and completely remove from sight.

Revisit advertising options aside from social media, and you’d be surprised to find that these traditional ways of improving brand recall have not been made obsolete by the mere existence of social media.

Fashion brands come and go, but those that are able to forge meaningful connections with customers stand the test of time. Make sure your brand will be remembered and will not fade into irrelevance by exploiting the underrated marketing strategies discussed in this article.



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